PokerStars EPT San Remo Main Event – Lacay Wins

The PokerStars EPT San Remo Main Event has finally come to a conclusion after a week’s worth of action that saw 797 original starters whittled right down to the winner. Each of those players paid the entry of €5,300 creating a prize pool in excess of $3.8 million.

It was a long week’s worth of action, yet the winner will feel it is all worth it after scooping the €744,910 first place prize and a Shamballa Jewel bracelet. That winner on this occasion was Ludovic Lacay!


Thursday saw the final remaining eight players left in the event fighting it out on the final table, however play was slow in the beginning and it even took over three hours for the very first elimination of the day. When it came it was in a hand where Ismael Bojang moved all in for 1.5 million chips and Jason Lavallee called, Bojang held the Ad-Kh and Lavallee had the 10c-10d.

The coin flip meant that Bojang needed to hit one of his over cards, yet as the board came out 6d-7s-2h-3d-8d his event was over and he finished in eighth place for €65,450. We then lost Adrian Piasecki in 7th when he moved all-in with the Ac-9c and ran into the Ad-Kc of Lacay; the board produced a straight for the eventual winner when the community cards came down as Qh-4h-10d-3d-Jd.

The next three to leave were Micah Raskin, Irishman James Tompkins and Angelo Recchia in 6th,5th and 4th place respectively. This left us with just the final three of Lacay, Lavallee and Artem Litvinov to battle it out for the prestigious title.

Litvinov then was evicted from the tournament in 3rd place after being busted by Lavallee leaving just him and Lacay battling it out. These two players were the chip leaders at the beginning of the day and were now the biggest at the end of the day too, though at this point Lacay had a 2-1 advantage.

They brokered a deal with Lacay ensuring himself at least €644,910 and Lavelle at least €538,089 which meant they would do battle for the remaining €100,000 and the title and bracelet.

The last hand occurred when Lacay bet out 175k on a flop of Qd-4c-10c with Lavallee raising that to 400k. Lacay further increased it to 750k with Lavallee calling; the turn showed the Jh and Lacay bet a big 1.4 million. This made Lavallee think, before he pushed all-in for 4,905,000 of which Lacay called instantly.

Lacay was holding two pair with the Qc-10h and Lavallee had a flush draw with the 8c-6c, however the flush never came and in fact Lacay hit a full house when the river came down as a 10d.

The Final Standings!

Ludovic Lacay €744,910*

Jason Lavallee €538,089*

Artem Litvinov €283,000

Angelo RecchiaItaly €225,000

Jason Tompkins €171,000

Micah Raskin €132,000

Adrian Piasecki €96,000

Ismael Bojang €65,450

* These players have agreed on a deal