PokerStars FPS Paris Main Event – Rypulak Takes Down Title

The PokerStars France Poker Series Paris may not be the biggest event in the world, yet it is always full of high quality with a splattering of big poker names, with the majority being PokerStars Team Pros. None of the Team Pros managed to win this one though as it went to Mateusz Rypulak.

The young Polish player actually qualified online at PokerStars before heading to France for the main Event where he played exceptionally well to beat a field of 715 players to the title and winners cheque of €150,000.

Mateusz is just 19 years old but he regularly grinds away on PokerStars with his specialty being that of Sit “n” Gos. This payout represents only his second ever live cash, with it being by far his biggest.

The event has been running since the 12th November with names such as Teams Pros Eugene Katcholov and Ana Marquez taking part. Katchalov was the best performing PokerStars Pro on this occasion as he finished in 64th for a payout of €1,900.

As we got to the final table the action was a little subdued at first as each player was looking to pick their moments. However once the first elimination occurred, it really took no time at all for the next few to come.

Initially we lost the short stack Randar Sikk in 8th place, before that starting a little bit of a free for all as Flavian Guenan, Matthieu Herve and Julien Sitbon all followed him out the door in quick succession.

It then took a good hour before we saw the exit of Pascal Oren as he ran his pocket Kings into the A-Q of Sofiane Tigrine who hit an ace on the turn. We were now just down to the final three, with the battle between them proving to be a good one.

They all traded chips for a good two and a half hours before Moritz Naber was crippled in a massive hand against the eventual winner and then finished off by Tigrane.

Mateusz had quite a large chip advantage as it headed into the heads up format and it really didn’t last too long. He quickly ate away at his opponents chips before finally delivering the final blow to take home his first major poker title.

The Final Standings:

1. Rypulak Mateusz – €150,000

2. Sofiane Tigrine – €100,000

3. Moritz Naber – €63,238

4. Pascal Oren – €45,000

5. Julien Sitbon – €35,000

6. Matthieu Herve – €26,000

7. Flavien Guenan – €21,000

8. Randar Sikk – €16,000