PokerStars Introduces Table Starter On Higher Stakes

PokerStars never seem to stop innovating and moving forward with new ideas with regards to their poker software, with them now adding a feature that should help to prevent against waiting around for too long for a game.

If you are a regular PokerStars player, you may have noticed that in the lobby for No Limit games that there is a new functionality which has been called Table Starters. This is only on the higher stakes tables for now, simply because these tables are harder to fill. They are on the $25/$50 CAP No Limit tables, with the term “Table Starter” stated before the name of the table.

The reason that PokerStars have decided to try this feature out is because many players do not like having to start a table and then play shorthanded, they prefer to play against a minimum amount of players. PokerStars themselves say that this feature is much the same as what you would find with an “Interest List” at a live poker rooms.

No More Waiting Around!

By joining a player list on one of these tables, a player can specify exactly how many players that they would want to play against. So an example would be if there were four players on the list that had specifically said that they would be happy to play against at least four players, that table would open up and they would all be seated. By doing so, if there was anyone on the list that wanted to play against a minimum of five players, they would also now be able to.

Forced to Play For So Many Hands!

Each player that makes use of the Table Starter feature is also tied to that table for at least 18 hands, if they leave before then they will be banned from using Table Starters for a full 30 minutes. By implementing these bans, they hope that the tables and players will be maintained for long enough so that each player can enjoy their poker.

It can certainly be irritating when you cannot find a table to play at, and then once you do it breaks down after a short while. PokerStars are hoping that this feature will limit the waiting time and annoyance that some players at some stakes have at finding a game. At the moment it is only at the stakes we have already mentioned, However if it proves to be successful it will most likely be present at many of the other stakes on the site.