PokerStars IPT Day 1 – Esposito Early Leader

Whilst the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is always going to attract most of the attention right now, it would be unfair not to throw some light on some of the other events that are getting underway across the world right now. There are going to be a number of new events starting up soon too, so we are certainly going to have our work cut out.

One such event is the PokerStars Italian Poker Tour Campione which is being held at the Casino Municipale, the event has just kicked off with Day 1a yesterday, whilst Day 1b will be starting a little later today.

The first flight of Day 1 saw 104 players take their seats at the tables, with just 47 of them surviving come the end of the day’s action. The player sitting pretty at the top when it finished was Giuseppe Esposito who had built up a chip stack of 207,000 which has him 56,400 ahead of Raz Friedrich for now.

There were eight levels of play in the €2,200 event, with the field full of a selection of both full time professionals and online qualifiers from PokerStars.

Notables In The Mix!

Daniel Mazzia is one of the most recognisable players from Italy, the player having previously finished 4th in the EPT Barcelona five years ago. Someone closer to home that is in the event is Sean Prendiville, who just recently finished in third place at the World Poker Tour Dublin for a payout of €30,250.

Prendiville isn’t running quite as well in this event so far, with him having just 27,500 chips. However, he is still in with a shout so we cannot write him off just yet.

Notables To Be Eliminated!

During the day we lost some notables with the likes of Roberto Candio, Dimitrijis Tarbejevs, Stefano Grandinetti, Paolo Petrucci and the ever talkative Ivan Los all hitting the rail. They will all have a chance to re-buy if they so wish on Day 1b, so we will let you know if they in fact do.

The Current Top 10

Esposito Giuseppe – 207,000

Raz Friedrich – 149,600

Ravellini Giovani – 101,000

Quadri Davide – 100,800

Lacchinelli Riccardo – 97,700

Bernasconi Giorgio – 93,700

Ionescu Petre – 92,400

Muratori Mauro – 88,600

Capellini Ottaviano – 85,300

A larger field is expected on Day 1b, which is always the case with most poker events, so though the action has already been at a high standard, we should be expecting some fireworks on the second flight of Day 1.

Check with us tomorrow for an updated report of the goings on at the PokerStars Italian Poker Tour, as we will let you in on all of the goings on at the event.