PokerStars LAPT Peru Day 3 – Debar Cruising

A quick Day 3 of the PokerStars LAPT Peru Main Event saw the remaining field of 24 players that took to the felt whittled down to just 8 players in less than 5 levels. The player that finished at the top of the rankings once the final table had been established was Maxence Debar who has built up a massive lead with 2,106,000 chips. His nearest challenger is Oscar Barriga who is almost 1 million behind on 1,250,000.

You may expect that there were a lot of early eliminations as a result of this days play being over so quickly, yet that wasn’t the case. In fact there were no eliminations in the first level of play, despite that fact both Debar and Barriga had already started to build their stacks considerably.

After the first break is when the chaos began, with players being sent to the rails every few minutes it seemed. During this stage Debar was having the best of the action and started to build his lead over Barriga. Before we knew it we were down to just 10 players, then nine, which then just left the final table bubble boy to be found out.

Sebastian Miranda was the unfortunate player to have missed the final table by just one place; he was already the short stack and had to pick the right moment to go all in. He did so whilst holding the Ac-3c and was called to the tune of 200k by Jorge Gonzales who was holding the Ac-Jh.

The community cards then came out as Qh-Qd-6h-4c-5s to see Miranda sent home for a payout of $15,440 and the final table for tomorrow set.

One player on that final table that certainly cannot be discounted is PokerStars Team pro Jose “Nacho” Barbero. This is now his fourth LAPT final table whilst if he takes it down it will be the third one of them he has won.

He will start in 7th place on the final table with a stack of 583,000 when the event kicks back off at 12pm noon tomorrow. Each of the remaining players is guaranteed at least $20,130 but will all have ambitions of taking the top prize of $187,300 for the win.

The Final Table:

Maxence Debar – 2,106,000

Jose “Nacho” Barber – 583,000

Oscar Barriga – 1,250,000

Jorge Luis Gonzales – 868,000

Aramis Salvadori – 866,000

Roberto Vahlis – 663,000

Jordan Scott – 491,000

Brent Sheirbon – 727,000

To find out exactly who does take down the title and the bragging rights that go along with it, make sure you check back with us tomorrow when we bring you the full report on everything that goes down on the final table.