PokerStars LAPT Peru Main Event – Jordan Scott Claims Title

The final table was completed just a few hours ago at the PokerStars LAPT Peru Main Event with the short stack going into the day coming out as the player with all of the chips. He took down the biggest score of his poker career to the tune of $168,210 for his masterful display at the final table.

As the day began, Jordan Scott took his time and stayed away from the action and laid low whilst he waited for a hand that he could give himself a good chance at doubling up with. He managed to get his double up and started to use his newly acquired stack to start pulling off some moves.

Eventually, while both the chip leaders at the start of the day were busy knocking the others out, Scott had been quietly building his stack and eventually found himself in the lead.

Maxence Debar then went on and eliminated the final three players to be left heads up against Scott but still had a deficit in chips to Scott. Scott had not eliminated a single player at the final table but was still leading the chip counts despite taking his seat at the final table as the short stack.

His first and of course last elimination was about to come though, with it being the most important elimination of the whole event.

The final table was certainly not an easy one either, with it containing players such as the PokerStars Team Pro Jose “Nacho” Barbero who had won two previous LAPT titles. Brent Sheridan has also been around for years and is an LAPT veteran, whilst Barriga is widely known as a hot up and coming prospect.

He managed to beat all of these though to claim his first ever major title, with the final hand happening when the flop was 3h-9d-4d and Debar betting out to the tune of 165k of which Scott re-raised to a total of 390k chips. Debar thought for a minute before pushing all-in for his last 2 million chips.

Scott called and showed the Kd-9c whilst Debar had the 4s-2s. The turn came down as the Ts with the Kh following it on the river.

Scott jumped into the air, obviously delighted at his first major win and of course the $168,210 that comes with it.

jordan scott win lapt peru

Final Standings

Jordan Scott – $168,210

Maxence Debar – $138,210

Oscar Barriga – $81,370

Jorge Gonzalez Pirela – $60,400

Brent Sheirbon – $46,140

Jose “Nacho” Barbero – $36,070

Aramis Salvadori – $26,840

Roberto Vahlis – $20,130