PokerStars Launch New Mobile App For Live Streaming

A recent announcement from PokerStars is that they have now released a brand new update to their existing PokerStars.TV app that will now allow users all over the world access to live streaming of events and videos directly on their mobile phones.

This app is widely available for everyone that has either an iPhone or a Smartphone that runs android, and will mean that they could now be watching the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event through their mobile.

The app has already given users access to literally a shed load of poker action which includes shows and tournaments, however they eventually want to give users access to the entire catalog that can be found on the website. Users are also able to not only stream anything that they wish to see, but even download it in total if they want to watch it at a later date.

Technology is certainly moving faster and faster, with those of us that are always on the go in need of this technology just to keep up to date with everything. For poker lovers that means keeping up to date with all of the world’s best poker events at all times.

You Can Even Watch Live Events As They Happen!

Easily the best part of this update is that you will now be able to watch live events whilst you are on the go. You could decide to watch an event like the ongoing PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event when it gets down to the final table, as the big events will now be streamed live through the app.

For your information, the final table will be starting on Sunday at 2pm local time, so if you are not going to be at home to watch it on your PC, you can now watch it on your mobile. Additionally, they will also be streaming the High Roller event that will be kicking off and finishing on Monday, with the event starting at 2pm local time.

The Main Event is actually getting right down to the business end now as there are just 21 players remaining. The action is set to continue later today, with those 21 to be whittled down to the final table on Sunday.

If you are still unable to watch the event live on your mobile phone for any reason, do not worry as we will be producing updated reports on both today’s and tomorrow’s action. So just check with us and we will have all of the information that you need.