PokerStars Letting Their Players Express Themselves

The internet’s biggest and leading poker site; PokerStars have always been known to constantly look for ways to improve the poker playing experience for their players. They have now just recently found another way to make poker on their site that little bit more interactive and emphatically more exciting by including a wide variety of emoticons to its chat box.

They include all of the standard ones such as smiley’s, winks, shocked faces and all of the rest whilst they have also added a few such as a cycling smiley which is meant to be used as a response to a bad beat.

With PokerStars being the premier poker site they are not content to just add the basic emoticons, they want to give their players a unique set that will allow them to express themselves at the tables.

How To Use Them!

There couldn’t be anything simpler than using the emoticons on the site, once you have selected a table to play at and taken your seat you are ready to make use of them. There is a preset menu of many of the emoticons which include thumbs up and downs, yet there is also some hidden emoticons that need to be activated by using a code of characters.

There are also emoticons of chips, whilst there also being hearts and broken hearted emoticons that have got people asking if PokerStars is now also a dating site.

With regards to some of the hidden emoticons we can let you into a couple of secret ones, for example if you were to type “-<’))><”into the chat box it will bring up a fish icon, whilst “(^^^)” would show a shark. To really offend some of the other players at the table you could even enter (&-B) it will display a donkey.

New Lobby!

PokerStars has also recently made some big changes to its lobby which was designed to make it easier for new players to ease into the game. New players can sometimes be confused and ultimately scared off if the lobby looks too complicated, which was what they wanted to address. Things are much simpler now and everything looks a whole lot fresher.

They are also set to add some new decks of cards in the coming month, more colourful with a much sleeker design. As we said earlier, they are always looking to improve things and keep the site as fresh as it can possibly be. Being out in front requires these changes to keep everyone interested; there is nothing worse than getting stale meaning players looking elsewhere for their poker.