PokerStars’ Liv Boeree Shows Her Aces During Photo Shoot

For those of you that didn’t know, Liv Boeree was not always a professional poker player. She used to be a very popular model, whilst she also worked on television as a presenter before she fell in love with the game of poker.

In fact it was her television presenting that first brought her into contact with the game as she had a job presenting a certain popular poker programme a few years back. With regards to her modeling, her stunning good looks guaranteed her photo shoots in some of the biggest magazines in The UK including Maxim and FHM.

For this reason it is fairly understandable that when PokerStars wanted to advertise their new PokerStars mobile client, they chose her to do the photo shoot above such sex sirens as Daniel Negreanu, Pius Heinz and Chris Moneymaker.

It’s easy to see why PokerStars thought it would be such a good idea to sponsor her in the first place, she is smart, beautiful and is a very good poker player to boot too…a perfect package.

With regards to this shoot, the whole idea of the shoot was that Boeree would be modeling all of the different things that she can do whilst simultaneously playing PokerStars on her mobile device. The pics have her in a selection of scenarios such as running, rock climbing, and rollerblading all whilst she is on her Smartphone winning pots.

Granted, we all know that it is highly unlikely anyone could be climbing a mountain whilst playing a session of zoom poker, however the point they are trying to get across is that mobile devices offer that extra level of convenience and mobility.

We strongly suggest you take a look at some of the photos; they certainly raised our…heart rates. She has the pics on her Facebook page.

Her playing career has never been a side event either, with career earnings of $2,229,910 in a relatively short period of time certainly makes her one of the top female poker players in the world. This year hasn’t been her best, with her being the first to admit that, but she is still up $108,421.

Her biggest victory came two years ago in the 2012 European Poker Tour San Remo where she took down her biggest score to date of $1,698.300. Additionally she has achieved 13 cashes at the World Series Of Poker over the years and currently is in eight position on the all-time winnings list for women.

To sum up, she is not just a pretty face at the table, she certainly has the skills required to match anyone on her day.