PokerStars LIVE Opening Early March At The Hippodrome

The long awaited opening of the PokerStars LIVE poker room at the Hippodrome Casino is finally upon us as PokerStars revealed the launch date earlier. It will be officially open for business on the 4th of March, with the refurbishments finally being completed.

The London casino and PokerStars went into partnership late last year, when it was agreed that PokerStars would have a dedicated poker room at the casino which would operate 24 hours a day and allow each of the Casino’s players to play the card game they love in the best environment possible.

The Chairman of the Hippodrome, Simon Thomas, was quick to compliment the work that had been done by claiming that the rooms had been fitted with a luxurious feel with superb lighting, extremely comfortable seating and a purposely designed environment that will bring the best possible poker experience for its clientele.

This move into the live gaming market was the first amongst three deals that PokerStars have made with casinos across the globe, as they have also acquired similar deals with the Casino Gran Madrid in Spain and the Atlantic Club Casino in New Jersey, America.

What To Expect From The LIVE Poker Room

The room will offer a vast variety of cash games and will also play host to tournaments, with the first major one being scheduled for the 12th of April. That event will run by the UKIPT or UK & Ireland Poker Tour, with it being aimed at providing players with a low cost tournament series of £250 + £25.

This tournament will reward players not just their cash winnings but also points that will go towards a UKIPT leader board.

This also means that anyone who wishes to take part in a UKIPT event will now be able to qualify through satellites online at PokerStars as well as by going to the Hippodrome and taking part in some live action. This was always going to be a natural progression between PokerStars and the UKIPT, with PokerStars already backing the UKIPT across all of its major events in the UK.

Whilst they have hooked up with the UKIPT to bring the first planned tournaments to the casino in Leicester Square, which will challenge the new Fox Poker Club opened nearby giving the West End of London a real poker vibe to ponder for the future. They are also hoping to be able to attract some other large tournaments in the coming months.

All we have to do now is wait in anticipation for the launch date so we can finally see things unravel with our own eyes. All the hard work has been done, so the action is set to take place and we’re told to expect to be impressed.