PokerStars Macau Poker Cup Championship ME: Rui Chen Takes The Title

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Rui Chen has managed to turn his original HK$1,000 buy-in into a cool HK$1.1 million. That is certainly the sign of a good a good businessman, which is exactly what he is when he is not playing poker. His performance here in the PokerStars Macau Poker Cup Championship was extremely dominant and nobody has deserved the title more than him.

Chen was the chip leader coming into the day and he continued where had left of the day before to blast his way to the victory. Chen originally qualified for this event by use of an online qualifier at PokerStars for HK$1,000.

The Final Table!

Chen had the chip lead all day, and that was no different once he got to the final table. Once there it really didn’t take him long to eliminate a couple of players, who were both Australian. First to go was Robert Streatfield who walked head first into Chen’s pocket rockets, whilst Ryan Hong then was eliminated after pushing all-in with pocket eights, just to see that Yosuke Sekiya had pocket tens.

There were two females players on this final table, yet both of them were next to go. Lisi Wei hit the rail in 7th whilst Jessica Ngu got the chop by running her seemingly good As-Jc into Chens better Ah-Ks which saw her finish in 6th place.

Kevin Kung was the next to go as the final table was steadily moving towards the business end of the tournament. Kung can count himself a little bit unfortunate to lose with his As-Kc against Wenlong Jin’s Jd-10d when a jack decided to fall on the river…yet that’s poker!

We were not four handed and it took a good couple of hours before the next elimination. When it did finally happen, it was Sunny Jung who departed; he was really trying to be aggressive at this point but was caught out when his pocket fours were undone by Sekiya’s Ah-Kh.

During three handed play, Chen actually lost his chip lead a few times to Sekiya as they both fought bravely for it, for Jin though couldn’t get involved in the action and was eventually squeezed out by the pair. As the short stack he pushed in with the best hand he could find which was the Kc-8h and was called by the As-9d of Sekiya. He would have been delighted when an eight landed on the flop but they was short lived as a nine fell on the river to see him walk out in third place.

Heads up saw Chen almost take out Sekiya on two occasions with the better preflop hand only to see Sekiya somehow escape from them both, yet eventually the Ks-Jc of Sekiya finally met its match against the Kc-Qc of Chen.

The Final Standings:

1st: Rui Chen – HK$1,108,500

2nd: Yosuke Sekiya – HK$759,000

3rd: Wenlong Jin – HK$458,000

4th: Sunny Jung – HK$361,500

5th: Kevin Kung – HK$289,160

6th: Jessica Ngu – HK$241,000

7th: Lisi Wei – HK$193,000

8th: Ryan Hong – HK$144,500

9th: Robert Streatfeild – HK$120,500