PokerStars MicroMillions III Event 81 – “goodbyerebuy” Scoops Win

If there is one thing about Pot Limit Omaha, it is a gamblers paradise. However, a MicroMillions event that is PLO six-handed with an extremely low buy-in and you basically have pandemonium. The image that you are thinking was exactly how it played out, just three times more chaotic.

There were a total of 2,493 players that registered for the event, with them creating a prize pool of $1,838.15. The player that won the event was “goodbyerebuy” who managed to steer his way past each of these players, make his way to the final table and hen overcome them too.

As the event got underway, it certainly didn’t take long for players to be eliminated, with there being just a matter of seconds before hoards were sent tumbling. By the time we found our self at the bubble for the paying places it was “Cardenal21” who was the unfortunate one to miss out on the paying places as he finished just one place short.

PokerStars had their usual splattering of players taking part, with Mikhail Shalamov and Marcin Horecki being the most notable of them.

As we got past all of the mayhem and finally made our way to the final table, there was one player that seemed to have full control on the event. “garompon” had amassed an amazing 5.6 million chips and was nearly three times ahead of his closest competitors.

He was certainly the favourite, but as in many cases it didn’t end that way. He eventually fell in 4th place whilst one of the short stacks on the table went on to win the event after double up after double up.

“goodbyerebuy” was that man, as he found himself as the chip leader in the final three. This was the point in play where they decided to make a chop of the prize pool leaving just a couple of hundred dollars to play for.

The final hand occurred when his heads up opponent “VITALYA$333” eventually went all-in preflop holding the As-2s-Jc-Qh, whilst he held the Kd-9c-Ah-6h. The community cards dealt him a flush on the river to seal the deal and he logged off with an extra $1,838.15 in his PokerStars account.

As with many of the MicroMillions events, this was certainly a crazy affair, yet full of entertainment too, which is exactly why this series always proves so popular amongst players.

Final Standings:

goodbyerebuy – $1,838.15

VITALYA$333 – $1,199.54

gunhiji – $1,419.94*

garompon – $685.57

crapu920 – $436.27

APLtyson – $236.21

With just a few more days left of the MicroMillions, be sure to take advantage and register for an event or two.