PokerStars MicroMillions III – “PowerfulNutz” Plays To His Name!

Razz is known throughout the poker circles as being the most difficult variation of poker to play, with this meaning that Razz is one of those games that comes down to skill rather than anything else, there is no all-in and there is no bullying.

In this event, that whole prognosis was completely summed up as “PowerfulNutz” stormed to a deserved victory against a field of 1,839 opponents.

Those registrants created a prize pool of $7,356, meaning that the winner would take home $1,288.48. Which is in fact exactly what “PowerfulNutz” did take home, having defeated the strong field and final table.

The event was fast and furious, with players obviously falling each and every minute for the first few rounds, however by the time the even got to the bubble, the play dramatically slowed up. Each of the players were obviously pinning their hopes on making it into the pay structure to at least cover their initial expenses.

As we made the final table it was “barraco32” who was standing head and shoulders above everyone else as he had a massive lead over his competitors. He had double the chips of the player in second place and at least five times that of anyone else.

His run continued on the final table as he went about dispatching three of them within an hour. First he eliminated “tarantaleo”, and then he took down “SJongeJongen” and finally pushed “koneko1074” to the rail.

This left us with just six, but not for long as “barraco32” then evicted another two players to bring us down to just four remaining. He eliminated both “denasman1” and “Genrih V” in one hand as he hit his hand on the river.

The leader then decided to take another player out with his victim this time being “Genrih V”, he went to the rail for a payout of %514.92.

We eventually found ourselves heads up with both “PowerfulNutz” and “EEvgen” battling out for the win, the former eventually won out though, when he made a jack low once the board had come out as 2h-7h-Ad-2d-5h-Kd-Jc.

Final Standings!

PowerfulNutz – $1,288.48

EEvgen – $919.50

barraco32 – $698.82

Genrih V – $514.92

denasman1 – $367.80

koneko1074 – $220.68

SJongeJongen – $147.12

tarantaleo – $73.56

The MicroMillions is set to end tonight with the last event being played as we speak. It has certainly brought up some interesting events as well as some interesting results, with many of us already looking forward to the next installment.