PokerStars MPC Red Dragon Day 1b – Zhu Has Day 1b Lead

As the dust settled on the second opening day flight at the PokerStars Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon, we had seen that the original field of 279 players in Day 1b had been whittled down to just 87 remaining. Those players will now join the 70 who navigated their way past Day 1a to give a total of 157 going into Day 2 later on today.

That means that the combined entries for both Day 1a and Day 1b is 532, which has created a prize pool in HKD of $5,222,325. The player that manages to top the entire field by the end of the tournament is destined to take home $1,123,000 of that.

Hong Zhu was the player that had amassed the most chips throughout Day 1b, though his stack of 109,800 was not enough to give him the overall lead going into Day 2. That honour goes to the chip leader from Day 1a, Vyacheslav Kuzmin who holds a staggering 175,500.

Notables In The Day 1a Field!

There were three PokerStars Team pros taking part in the event on Day 1b, with Bryan Huang, the beautiful Celina Lin and the delectable Vivian Im. Along with those were some very recognisable faces with the likes of Sparrow Cheung, Xing Zhou, Raiden Kan and the super aggressive Dan Sing.

There was also a very late appearance by a player some of you may have heard of, Johnny Chan, the man with 10 WSOP bracelets to his name not actually managing to make it through the day though and was eliminated. He was joined by two of the PokerStars Team Pros Celina Lin and the unlucky Bryan Huang, with both not having enough about them to see themselves make Day 2.

The latter was eliminated when his pre-flop all in with an A-K, he was called by an opponent’s pocket kings and saw his hand not manage to improve. Lin on the other hand put her chips into the middle when a flop of 7d-9c-4c looked very good for her pocket queens. Her opponent had the nut flush draw though and decided to call with the Ac-7c and got lucky on the river.

The Top Ten From Day 1b!

Hong Zhu – 109,800

Jinjie Yan – 109,300

Shashank Rathi – 107,600

Norberto Korn – 107,200

Yik Yin Chiu – 107,100

Longchu Lu – 100,100

Homan Houshiar – 96,100

Xin You – 91,100

Yue Hin Lam – 90,700

Wenlong Jin – 87,900

We are already looking forward to Day 2, which is set to start a little bit later today. So if you want to keep on track with everything that is going on over on that side of the world, keep checking back with us.