PokerStars MPC Red Dragon Day 2 – Shashank Out In Front!

The PokerStars Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon saw Day 2 completed yesterday as the 157 players that came into the event were reduced to the 18 that will go into the last day’s worth of action in an attempt to be crowned the champion.

The ultimate mission for the day was to see the players whittled down to the two final tables, meaning that we had to lose 139 players all being told. The player who finished the day with the chip lead was Shashank Rathi after he accumulated 1,299,000 chips. That has him around 200k ahead of second placed man Chung Tung Wai.

For the players that came into the day, the primary target would have been to first get into the top 65 paying positions, and then move their target on to making it to those final two tables. One player who didn’t manage to make event the first achievement was PokerStars Team Pro Raymond Wu as he was eliminated just before the bubble was busted.

The Bubble Boy!

The player to bust out right before the paying places was Bin Sun after his Ah-Ks was busted by the Jh-Jc of one of his opponents. It was incredibly unlucky though after the flop had come down as the Qh-Ac-8c putting him in front, but a Jd hit on the turn to send him out of the event in the one place that nobody wants to finish.

This meant that the rest of the players that were left in the event were guaranteed at least HKD $18,300, though would ideally like to get further in the event and earn even more.

PokerStars Team Pro Vivian Im was one of the players that looked to be heading for a deep finish on the final days action tomorrow, however she could only manage a 21st place finish. It was the typical pocket kings versus pocket aces scenario too, with her holding the kings that could not overcome the aces.

The Current Top Ten!

Shashank Rathi – 1,299,000

Chung Tung Wai – 1,110,000

Yoshitaka Okawa – 733,000

Kevin Zhang – 619,000

Yobin Zhuang – 527,000

Hong Zhu – 444,000

Zhenjian Lin – 437,000

Zhenwu Wang – 416,000

Vyacheslav Kuzmin – 350,000

The final day’s action kicks off a little later today, in which we will find out who the next Red Dragon champion is. Though it is Rathi and Chung Tung Wai out in front, there are still some very serious challengers in the mix, with Raidan Kan, one of the best players in this region capable of making a late run.