PokerStars MPC Red Dragon – Okawa Crowned The Champion

The PokerStars Macau Poker Cup did things a little differently in their event, having a final day that saw two tables playing down to a finish rather than just the final table. This meant it was going to be quite a while before the winner was established, though it actually didn’t take as long as originally anticipated.

By the time those final 18 players had been whittled down to the winner, that man was Japanese pro Yoshitaka Okawa, with him taking home a prize of HKD $1,123,000 for his efforts.

As we mentioned previously, the event was expected to go on for some time today, yet the eliminations actually came thick and fast, with there being one every five minutes on average. So literally within one hour we had not only find ourselves down to the final table but had actually seen two players knocked off of it.

Once that final table was reached, the chip leader was already the eventual winner Okawa, as he had amassed over a quarter of all of the chips in the event. That amount was about to nearly double within just the first hand on the final table.

He and the then second highest chip stack got into an almighty tangle, which led to a four million chip pot. Shashank Rathi tried to make a bluff on the river of Jd-Jh-Td-2c-Ac whilst holding just the Ks-4s, Okawa made a very brave call with the Qd-Tc and pushed even further ahead of the field.

By the time we got down to heads up, it obviously involved Okawa and one other, with the other being Zhenwu Wang. With this session actually being the slowest of the day so far, with the players swapping chips back and forth until we finally saw the last hand.

It was on a board of 9d-5d-Qc that all of the chips found their way into the middle; Wang was holding a flush draw with the 8d-7d and Okawa the straight draw with the Tc-8c. He made that straight on the turn when the Jc fell, meaning that unless a diamond fell on the river, he was the champion…the river fell as the 2h.

He took home $1,123,000 for his deserved victory, whilst Wang would be fairly satisfied with his second place finish and 784,000 payout.

How It Finished!

Yoshitaka Okawa – HKD $1,123,000

Zhenwu Wang – HKD $784,000

Eemil Tuominen – HKD $462,000

Oman Houshiar – HKD $353,000

Kevin Zhang – HKD $261,000

Michael Marvanek – HKD $209,000

Oliver Duran – HKD $170,000

Shashank Rathi – HKD $130,500

Jiarong Qiu – HKD $95,262

Zhenjian Lin – HKD $95,262