ANZPT Season 5 Melbourne ME Day 1b

Day 1b of the PokerStars Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event is now in the bag, with the chip leader at the end of the day being Paul Hockin with a total of 120,100 chips. He joins the other 66 players to survive the day in heading towards Day 2 of the event where the 74 survivors from Day 1a lie in wait.

That means a total of 141 players will be returning on Day 2 attempting to get all the way to the final table and beyond.

There were a total of 159 players that sat down at the felt for Day 1b, which created a total field for the event of 345 players. Only 41 of these players will be fortunate enough to get paid with the winner getting a payout of AUD $172,500.

Ravazi Brothers Both Eliminated!

Sam Ravazi made the trip over to Melbourne due to fairing quite well in the city, having won the APPT Melbourne Main Event earlier in the year. However, this time his event was short lived as he was knocked out in a coin flip when his Q-Q was cracked by the A-K of his opponent.

His brother Ismaeel Razavi made the trip along with him and didn’t last too much longer than his brother when his pocket sevens lost out to an A-J of Aaron Benton.

Another Australian tournament winner was busted out on Day 1b, the winner of the Aussie Millions Main Event Oliver Speidel heading home after his pocket kings somehow got beaten on the river by a flush.

Team PokerStars pros Angel Guillen and Bryan Huang also made the journey over to Australia and they had rather up and down days though both survived through to Day 2.

Notables Eliminated!

Of the bigger names involved in Day 1b, we lost Oliver Gill, Liam O’Rourke, Ben Savage, Luke McLean and Will Jones throughout the day. With regards to O’Rourke he had a long running battle with Joel Feldman for most of the day with his opponent sat right beside him. As it turned out, he lost that battle as he was eliminated and Feldman took 86,900 into Day 2.

Two of the more famous players in Australia both saw themselves through to Day 2; Kristian Lunardi has 44,000 chips whilst James Bills is just behind that amount with 43,700.

The player who is finished the day in second place on the leaderboard was Karim Jomeen who amassed 118,200 with Luis Arrilucea sitting in third place.

Come back tomorrow when we bring you the full report from Day 2, with all players being whittled down to just nine.