PokerStars APPT Macau ACOP Main Event Day 5 – Zhou Wins

The final day of the ATTP Macau Asia Championship Of Poker is now completed after a tough heads up battle finally decided the winner. The man was Xing Zhou who not only took the title but also a $454,808 payday, though he certainly had to work for it.

The day began with the nine survivors from Day 4 coming back to play out the final table, with the action proving to be high quality and highly entertaining.

The first player to be shown the door was Henry Wang, he had just been crippled after doubling up opponent Alan Sass and had little choice other than to push his Qc-4s into the middle, his hand stood no chance against the Ah-10h of Wang and was sent packing with $55,474 proving to be not such a bad sweetener.

Out in eighth went the British pro Tom Alner, he thought he found a good spot with A-K and pushed all-in. Zhou however got very lucky as he hit a straight on the river whilst holding the A-5. He really didn’t look to happy with the call pre-flop as he left the arena.

Out in seventh was one of the favorites at the start of the day, WSOPE winner Andrew Hinrichsen was also sent to the rail by the eventual winner Zhou. However, again the call when Hinrichsen pushed with pocket nines whilst holding Js-10s brought a few puzzled looks. If you are running as well as Zhou was right then…why not?

Next to go was Toma who had previously been a chip leader during the day but also lost a massive pot against Zhou to leave him in bad shape. He was eliminated by Yung Kit Chan and picked up $122,051 for his efforts.

Zhou then eliminated another player, this time his call was justified but still got slightly lucky. Sass pushed with pocket queens and Zhou held the As-Kc, he hit two pair on the board to add another scalp. In a well deserved fourth place we lost Zaick, he had been fairly quiet on the final table, either waiting for cards or simply trying to survive as long as possible.

We then lost the days original chip leader Michael Kanaan as he was eliminated by guess who? Zhou this time had the best hand pre-flop with pocket kings up against Kanaan’s pocket eights and despite a scare when an eight flopped out, a king on the very next card secured him the win.

Heads Up!

Initially Zhou obviously had a massive lead going into the heads up session after the amount of hands he had won and players he had eliminated, yet Chan quickly scored a double up. He then went on to lead a few hours down the line. This heads up battle went on for two hours before the two of them agreed a deal to chop the money and play flip hand where neither player can look at their hands for the title.

They eventually agreed and the community cards came down as 9h-8s-3d-5s-7h, the players then took turns to turn over one of their hole cards to reveal the hands. Zhou had managed to hit a straight with the 10d-6c whilst Chan had hit a two pair with 7s-5d.

Final Standings:

1 Xing Zhou $454,808*

2 Ying Kit Chan $454,808*

3 Michael Kanaan $221,923

4 Jacques Zaicik $177,436

5 Alan Sass $144,231

6 Tsugunari Toma $122,051

7 Andrew Hinrichsen $99,872

8 Tom Alner $77,692

9 Henry Wang $55,474