EPT Prague High Roller – Rettenmaier Caps Excellent Year

So now both the Main Event and High Roller event have been completed at the PokerStars.net European Poker Tour to signal the end of the series in Prague.

With regards to the high Roller Event, it was won by Marvin Rettenmaier who has had the best year of his career so far. He took down €365,300 for his first place as well another title. He managed to navigate his way past a field of 113 players; with them all creating a prize pool in excess of a million, with a total of €1,107,400.

Once the final nine had sat down to take part in the last days action in this event, it really did not take long for the title to be decided. Four of the final table was actually eliminated during only the first level of play. We lost Aubin Cazals who was the short stack, then fell Andrey Gulyy after being eliminated by Juha Helppi when he had As-Js against his opponents Ks-Kc.

Then it was the turn of PokerStars Team pro Jason Mercier to be knocked out, the player that was behind that elimination was Juha Helppi who had already been the eliminator of the first two. Mercier was holding the Kc-Qh whilst Helppi found another big hand with the As-Kd. An ace on the flop all but ended it for Mercier and he was gone in seventh place.

The very next hand saw Wydrowski knocked out, with Rettenmaier this time being the player responsible. Rettenmaier had the Kh-Qs and Wydrowski the Ad-2h when the flop was Kc-Ksd-2d, all of the chips went into the middle, with Rettenmaier taking down the hand.

With those four quick eliminations out of the way it left us with the final five. However things were a little more drawn out, though literally only a little.

We eventually found ourselves down to the final three, with it being Helppi, Fabien Quoss and Rettenmaier. The first of them to go was Juha Helppi who had been having as great final table up until here. He was eliminated by Rettenmaier after getting extremely unlucky with a four flush on the board.

It was then down to Rettenmaier and Quoss to battle, with us already knowing that Rettenmaier managed to win after a two hour session.

How It Finished!

Marvin Rettenmaier – €365,300

Fabian Quoss – €210,300

Juha Helppi – €121,800

Philippe Ktorza – €96,900

Sorel Mizzi – €74,800

Marcin Wydrowski – €55,500

Jason Mercier – €44,200

Andrey Gulyy – €33,200

Aubin Cazals – €27,700