EPT Prague Main Event Day 3 – Jelassi Leads 55 Players

The PokerStars.net European Poker Tour Prague Main Event Day 3 has now been done and dusted, with the 161 players that took their seats at the tables having now been shrunk down to the remaining 55 players.

They were all looking to make it at least to the pay structure, with the top 128 doing so. The player that emerged with the chip lead at the end of the day was Ramzi Jelassi, as he bagged up a total of 1.238,000.

He achieved his position at the top after winning a massive pot right near the end of the day, when up against Sirzat Hissou. Hissou pushed his entire remaining stack of 330k into the middle after seeing a flop of 4h-3d-5h, and was holding pocket queens. However, Jelassi had the pocket aces and quickly made the call. The 8s and 9h fell on the turn and river giving Jelassi the win and propelling his chip count to more than one million.

The Bubble!

There had to be players leaving on Day 3 without any kind of pay off, with PokerStars Team Pro Pier Fabretti amongst them. Others to go out with nothing were Lardo Leheste, Kent Lundmark, Mike Watson and Ari Engel.

The unfortunate player to finish just one spot short of the money was Rasmus Agerskov who finished in 129th place after running his Ah-8h into the pocket kings of Andreas Berggren and coming off second best. This meant that everybody else left in the event was now guaranteed at the very least a €8,000 payout.

Once that bubble was burst, the inevitable flurry of eliminations came, with notables such as Sergey Baranov, Bertrand Grospellier, Shannon Shorr, Marc-Andre Ladouceur and the PokerStars Team Pro Juan Manuel Pastor.

Some of the bigger names that are still involved in the event come Day 4 are Johnny Lodden, Todd Terry, Chris Brammer, Roger Hairebedien and the ever popular Roberto Romanello. Each of these players will be hoping to move further up the pay structure and hope to be in the final 24 come the end of the day.

The Current Top Ten!

Ramzi Jelassi – 1,238,000

Sotirios Koutoupas – 1,049,000

Chris Brammer – 1,021,000

Jeff Sarwer – 963,000

Dany Parlates – 950,000

Mark Herm – 916,000

Mads Arnot – 895,000

Martin Hanowski – 893,000

Andreas Berggren – 845,000

Aleh Plauski – 807,000

It all starts again today at 12pm local time with Day 4 playing the remaining 55 players down to the last 24. So make sure you come back and get an update on how things worked out, who is heading the pack and who couldn’t quite make it through.