EPT Prague Main Event Day 4 – 21 Players Left

Last night saw Day 4 of the PokerStars.net European Poker Tour Prague Main Event get played out with the remaining 55 players now having been reduced to 21 players. That whole process only took a little less than just three hours to complete, with the player now leading the field being Ben Warrington who managed to increase his chip stack to 2,618,000.

That sees him approximately 150k ahead of David Boyaciyan in second place with 2,469,000 whilst the next player Ramzi Jelassi is a further 500k back with 1,975,000.

It is no wonder that the day ended so quickly, with there being a mass exodus of players heading for the exit signs early on. One such hand saw the elimination of two players at the same time.

It was a three way hand between Jorma Nuutinen, Jason Helder and the ever popular Luca Giovannone, with all players going all in pre-flop. Nuutinen had the best hand pre-flop with the Ad-Ac, whilst Helder was sitting on the As-Kd and Giovannone had the Qc-Jh.

The strongest hand held up too as the board came down as 2h-Qs-7s-8h-2c to give him a massive pot and the scalps of two opponents.

The PokerStars Team Pro Johnny Lodden had a very up and down day, after winning a massive pot and then losing one a little later. He won a massive pot against Robert Kokoska to send his stack up to 1,275,000 before doubling up Ben Warrington when his opponent managed to hit a set of tens on the flop to crack his aces.

That victory actually sent Warrington right to the top of the field, a position that he was not to lose during Day 4.

Probably the biggest elimination of the day was that of the player who started the day in third place, struggled throughout and was eventually eliminated by Sergio Aido Espina who was holding pocket kings against his pocket three’s.

The Current Standings!

Ben Warrington – 2,618,000

David Boyaciyan – 2,469,000

Ramzi Jelassi – 1,975,000

Sergio Aido Espina – 1,792,000

Andreas Berggren – 1,619,000

Mariusz Klosnicki – 1,524,000

Sotirios Koutoupas – 1,450,000

Aleh Plauski – 1,450,000

Diego Gomez Gonzalez – 1,433,000

Mads Amot – 1,250,000

The field of 21 will be back again a little later today to do battle for the final table seats that are on offer, with each of the players looking to come up to Christmas with a nice final payout. We will be writing up another full report from the action on Day 5, so please make sure you come back and check with us.