EPT Prague Main Event Day 5 – Jelassi Back In Front

Day 5 of the PokerStars.net European Poker Tour Prague Main Event was played out yesterday with the final 21 players being quickly reduced to just the eight to come back for the final table later today.

The tournament has proved to be an overwhelming success, which was expected really with there being a host of events in Prague just before this one. Now there is just one more day left before we will know our new champion.

The player that tops those players currently is Ramzi Jelassi who was also the chip leader a couple of days ago. He has built up a stack of 5,675,000 million and finds himself a million ahead of both Aleh Plauski and in second and third place for 4,705,000 and 4,635,000 respectively.

In total Day 5 lasted just eight hours, with 13 players having to be eliminated before the day could come to an end.

One of the biggest eliminations of the day came as Roberto Romanello saw his dream of becoming the first ever double EPT champion ended as he lost when up against pocket jacks with his pocket tens. Another shocking elimination was that of the chip leader coming into the day Iosif Beskrovnyy, who struggled throughout the day and was eventually eliminated by Dany Parlafes.

We then lost Jeff Sarwer after he had no real option to push his short stack in the middle when he was holding Ad-10d, only to be called by Aleh Plauski who was holding the Ac-Qc. Plauski’s better hand held up and out went Sawer.

PokerStars Team Pro Johnny Lodden was also evicted on Day 5 after getting caught against the pocket aces of the enigmatic David Boyaciyan with pocket tens and coming out second best.

The final table commences later today at about noon local time, with one of the remaining eight set to be named as the EPT Prague champion. That is certainly not such a bad Christmas present, though each of the players will now know that they are going to win a nice little earner of at least €75,000.

The Final Table!

Ramzi Jelassi – 5,675,000

Aleh Plauski – 4,705,000

David Boyaciyan – 4,635,000

Sotirios Koutoupas – 3,775,000

Ben Warrington – 2,200,000

Sergey Kuzminskiy – 1,850,000

Mark Herm – 1,700,000

Diego Gomez – 1,380,000

If you want to know how things shaped up on Day 6 here, make sure you come back and visit for the full report and story on just who managed to turn their dream into a reality. We will have it all, those who won, those who failed and those who came extremely close.