EPT Prague Main Event – Jelassi Takes First Title

Ramzi Jelassi is certainly not a new face with regards to the European Poker Tour, with him being playing in the events since back in 2006. Since that time he has acquired 10 cashes, yet a title had been a little out of his reach, until last night that is.

He claimed his first ever European Poker Tour title by winning the EPT Prague Main Event yesterday, with him getting a nice Christmas bonus as he took down €835,000 for his efforts over the past six days.

He came into the day as the chip leader and managed to keep that status all the way until the end. He eventually found himself heads up against Sotirios Koutoupas, in a session that would then last three hours before he finally put his opponent to the sword. Koutoupas will still be very happy with his best ever cash of €510,000.

The player who finished in third place was David Boyaciyan, who again performed well in this event. Just last year he finished runner up, but will have to make do with a third place finish this time around for a solid €310,000. He will be a little annoyed with himself though, seeing as he could have had another €100k on top, but a deal broke down to him wanting a larger cut.

Back in fourth place was the British player Dan Warrington who had been the event chip leader at one point in the last few days. He took home a very respectable €250,000 and would have been a serious contender had he won the pot that he was eliminated in against Koutoupas.

The final three then tried to negotiate a deal, mainly because the top two of Jelassi and Koutoupas were fairly evenly stacked, whilst Boyaciyan was trailing a little behind. They were originally set to pay the top two €500k apiece and Boyaciyan €410k with there still a remaining €240k to play for with the amount being split between first and second. Boyaciyan felt he was a more talented player than Koutoupas though and wanted a larger slice for himself, the other players did not want to agree and despite taking the entire dinner break discussing it, no deal was made.

Jelassi Wins EPT PragueThe Final Standings!

Ramzi Jelassi – €835,000

Sotirios Koutoupas – €510,000

David Boyaciyan – €310,000

Ben Warrington – €250,000

Diego Gomez – €196,000

Sergey Kuzminskiy – €150,000

Aleh Plauski – €108,400

Mark Herm – €75,000

The EPT Prague is now over and done with, meaning that each of the players paid will have a little extra to spend on their loved ones this Christmas, however we are already looking forward to the start of the new year and the poker tournaments that it will be bringing.