PokerStars Introduces “Run It Twice” Feature

PokerStars have certainly been busy of late, with the running of their site and then the work that has needed to go into the launch of their newly acquired site Full Tilt Poker. However with regards to the PokerStars site, there has been a new feature gradually added throughout the last week.

With so much going on with their new site it certainly hasn’t stopped them thinking about PokerStars, bringing out updates during such a busy period.

The “Run It Twice” feature was first introduced to a single table on the site for testing purposes, before a client update enabled players to opt in or out of the feature on their table before each hand.

What Is It?

Well although “Run It Twice” is a new feature on PokerStars it is not really that new to poker. It has proved popular on live televised poker and in fact their newly owned poker site Full Tilt Poker used to use the feature.

“Run It Twice” is a feature where players who have opted in to it before a hand have two shots at winning something from the hand if all players left in the hand are all-in before the turn. How it works is that the turn and river are actually dealt twice, with the winner of each variation winning 50% of the pot, yet if one player wins both variations he wins the entire pot.

It was first seen on High Stakes Poker on the television a good few years back and has proved to be very popular ever since. Full Tilt took it on board in 2009 and PokerStars never really went with it, until now.

This just goes to show that PokerStars are now fully committed to adopting anything that was good with their one time online poker rivals. Full Tilt is set to be re-launched on the 6th of November and it will be interesting to see who goes there and who stays with PokerStars, yet I guess we could do both!

Zoom Tournaments!

There seems there may also be another new feature coming to PokerStars very soon, though there has been no real announcement on it. Zoom tournaments have been noticed not in action as of yet, but players are now able to filter their MTT’s with this option.

Though nothing has been officially mentioned about this new feature, the fact that it is included on the new client update strongly suggests that they are at the very least thinking of implementing it. A zoom tournament would most likely be a super fast tournament; again much like was previously seen at Full Tilt Poker.