PokerStars Pro Haxton Takes Down All-Stars Showdown

This morning saw the end of the second scheduled PokerStars All-Star Showdown which saw their new Team Pro Isaac ”Ike Haxton” Haxton taking the win from fellow online high stakes player Alex “Kanu7” Millar.

The match was an epic one too which took an amazing seventeen hours to complete, as they each sat heads up on four $50/$100 No Limit Hold’em against eachother whilst each putting up $25k on each of them with the winner to take $100k from his opponent.

To be fair, this match up was always going to be a long one, Haxton and the Englishman Alex “Kanu7” Millar are the opposite types of players to the likes “Isildur1” and “Ilari FIN”. They both like to take their time and play very strategically rather than all out gamble.

This was never going to be the type of match that got the railbirds going, but nevertheless, these two players are amongst the No Limit Hold’em cash game players around, with many claiming they ARE the best two.

As It Started!

The match started out fairly slowly as you would expect with them both taking small leads before being pulled back in by their opponents. By the time the first break came around, Millar had a small lead of 17k.

Once the break was over however, Haxton started to come out of his shell a little more and took down a string of good sized pots which gave him the advantage over his English opponent. One of those hands was the biggest of the match so far when Haxton took a pot of $44.3k after “Kanu7” made somewhat of a hero call on the river only to see his opponent not only having top pair but also top kicker.

As the third hour passed by, Haxton had established a 35k lead, which he continued to build on after the next break. Eventually he pushed his lead out to $80k which meant that “Kanu7” now had to close two tables as he simply did not have enough cash to compete on all four. He certainly isn’t a quitter though and started a fight back which doubled his cash up to $40k which again allowed him to open the other two tables.

After some hard slog he eventually managed to break back even, which took three hours to do so. He didn’t stop there either and pushed himself into a $60k profit, meaning that this time Haxton had to close a couple of tables to be able to compete comfortably.

The pivotal point in the match came when Haxton was practically on his knees, and was all-in for his tournament life holding an A-K versus the Q-Q of “Kanu7”. He hit an ace on the flop and the game was back on.

He like his opponent then battled back as the blinds raised higher, before he managed to cripple his opponent in a $40k pot where he again won a coin flip with K-Q against his opponents pocket nines. The showdown ended when Haxton caught a flush against the straight of “Kanu7” to see him through to the semi final against Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky.