PokerStars Rate Their Top Eight Moments In Macau

PokerStars Macau are extremely proud of the year that has just gone by in poker haven of Macau, with their being a whole host of memories and moments for everybody involved to savour. Though they are looking back fondly on 2012 with a list of their eight greatest moments, they are already looking forward to an even bigger and better year in 2013!

Red Dragon Main Event Breaks Records!

2012 saw the Red Dragon Main Event at the Macau Poker Cup break Asia’s previous record for unique registrations, there was a total of 635 compared to the previous record of 575 held by the APPT Macau twelve weeks earlier.

The Launch Of The ACOP!

It is widely known that poker has been growing at a phenomenal rate in Asia, yet it was still without a high stakes $10k event. This led PokerStars Macau to launch the ACOP (Asia Championship Of Poker) which had a $13k Main Event.

This first event attracted the world’s best players with the likes of Ivey, Grospellier, Johnny Chan and Oliver Spiedel all entering. Along with the Main Event, there was also a whole host of side events played out over a period of 17 days.

Team Australia Win ACOP $1 Million Challenge!

Still on the subject of the first ever ACOP, such was the excitement about this event that Nick Wong set up a prop bet. The Hong Kong business man wanted to bet that his six players of choice from Hong Kong would outscore any other same nationality team at the ACOP.

The bet was for HKD $1 million, and was eventually won by six players from Australia who were headed up by Jonathan Karamalikis.

The First Ever ACOP Title Won By Raymond Wu!

With it being the first ever ACOP series, every player there wanted to be the first ever winner of an ACOP title. This honour went to Raymond Wu as he beat out a field of 192 players in the Deepstack Championship Event.

Four Major Titles In Macau Go To The Chinese!

If there was ever proof of the fact that PokerStars Macau was having a great benefit to the local players in Asia, 2012 was it. All of the biggest events were actually won by Chinamen, where in times gone past it would have been dominated by foreigners. Nicky Jin took home the Macau Poker Cup in February, the June edition of the Macau Cup was won by Celina Lin, Rui Chen took home the Macau Poker Cup Championship and the ACOP was won by Xing Zhou.

Asian Player Of The Year Goes To Sekiya!

Despite the fact that it was Chinamen and women that won the major titles in Asia, it was actually a professional from Japan that would win the Asia Player Of The Year award. Yosuke Sekiya won the honour which included a sponsorship deal with PokerStars for just one year.

He didn’t win any titles but racked up the points through consistency as he made it to six final tables and had annual earnings of HKD $1million.

Rossiter Named Unofficial Asia Championship Of Poker Player Of The Year!

There is actually no such thing as an ACOP Player Of The Year award, yet maybe there should be as if there was it certainly would have gone to only one player in 2012. Jeff Rossiter started off by winning a side event, which may not sound all that special until you discover he won against a final table that had players such as Johnny Chan and the ever aggressive Joseph Cheong on it.

Just one week later he then went and finished in second place in the High Roller event, those results have now propelled him to the top of the earnings list from events that qualify for the Asia Player Of The Year.

Lin Becomes First Player To Win Two Red Dragon Titles!

Celina Lin stepped where not just no woman has stepped, but where no other poker player has stepped before. She won her second Red Dragon title in June this year at the Macau Poker Cup. She defeated a field of 391 players to add her second title to her first that she won back in 2009.