PokerStars Reveals Its Βrand New Client

Over the weekend, PokerStars allowed a select few of their online poker players to join them at a VIP club to celebrate and preview its brand new client. The shindig occurred in London at the Film Museum where players who were lucky enough to be allowed to use their PokerStars FPP player points, bought a day out with the PokerStars team which included plenty of fun, loads of free drink and even some football.

The whole point of the occasion though was to celebrate the release of PokerStars 7, a completely new client for their poker site. Amazingly, this is the first time since PokerStars first started out that they have had a completely new client. That is quite staggering when you consider they have been running for ten years now.

There were 200 players who were lucky enough to be able to attend, all heralding from all over the country, with some from outside of it too. There was a heady mix of micro gamers, mid level grinders, a scatter of part timers, some high stakes rollers and even a few hangovers attending.

As each player arrived they were given a free glass of champagne, which they were then allowed to consume within the museum which they had all to themselves.

As soon as everybody had arrived, PokerStars put on a short presentation about the history of the site and the new look client. The presentation was hosted by Lee Jones who is heralded as a PokerStars legend; the players were then allowed a little look at the brand new software. They would have been the first members of public to have a glimpse of the new PokerStars client.

So Whets New!

Well the site has a more minimalistic feel to it, with it designed to appeal a lot more to new players. There are now many fewer clicks of the mouse button required before you can take a seat at a table and start playing.

You can now sort the lists to allow you view tables in order of either stakes or the number of players that are playing at them. Additionally, there is a quick start option where you can let PokerStars find a seat for you in your desired stakes.

Visually it is vastly different whilst also keeping some of the design that it previously had. It is apparently a lot quicker to get sign up, whilst those irritating pop-up filters and integrated them within the main lobby.

The new client is not set to be rolled out just yet though; they are going to be testing it in a closed beta on their test site for a while just to iron out any bugs or flaws.