PokerStars Shark Cage (vid)

Shark Cage poker players

A brand new $1 million winner-takes-all freeroll was announced at PokerStars headquarters and apparently the wheels are already in motion. Poker professionals and industry specialists came up with the idea of organising an original competition that will take bluffing to the next level. Poker pros and one lucky amateur will be competing for $1 million and they will all try to avoid spending time in the infamous Shark Cage.

The format of this freeroll is straightforward, with 8 heats being scheduled and each of them will feature the same number of players. The double-shootout format and the fact that there will be plenty of familiar faces involved increased the chances for the Shark Cage to be a massive hit. The names of the first six players have already been revealed, with Phil Laak, Tony Dunst, Jennifer Harman and Lex Veldhuis to compete against Jason Alexander and the ambitious qualifier.

At the first glance it looks like the four poker pros will be playing with the fish, but neither Alexander nor the qualifier should be underestimated. The fact that a Shark Cage is in place to punish those caught bluffing or those who are the victims of a bluff, will complicate matters for all those involved. The unfortunate prisoner will only have to spend one orbit behind bars and in order to avoid unnecessary delays, a shot clock will be set for 30 seconds.

The cage itself is pretty intimidating and even though it looks like a lot of fun to be filmed behind bars, it is also a bit humiliating for a poker player to be caught bluffing. Add to this the fact that while in the cage players won’t have the chance to accumulate chips and it is easy to see why all six competitors will try to avoid being locked up. For the time being, they seem thrilled at the prospect of uttering comments from the spacious cage and all participants say that they look forward for the episode to be aired.

The first heat is on its way and the six players compete for the million as we speak, but those who are anxiously waiting for the broadcast should arm themselves with patience. It will go live in the second half of the year, so check out this sneak preview: