PokerStars Sunday Events Roundup


The ever popular PokerStars Sunday schedule was played out once more yesterday with thousands of players taking their chances at winning life changing sums of money. Of course, only a small percent of those would be able to earn a successful outcome from their buy-ins and we will let you in on who they were below.

PokerStars Sunday Warm Up

There were 2,578 players that bought into the PokerStars Sunday Warm Up yesterday which brought yet another guarantee busting prize pool of $515,600. 378 of those players would take home a portion of that prize pool but it was eventual winner Steve “BetrThanPhil” Tripp that earned the most of it after taking home $79,116.22 after defeating “De Imho” during heads up.

The Final Standings

1st) Steve “BetrThanPhil” Tripp – $79,116.22 (d)

2nd) De Imho – $55,500.00 (d)

3rd) ahe753 – $51,000.00 (d)

4th) mesterm1nd – $30,157.44

5th) Die Ventura – $22,428.60

6th) Mr.Cuckoo – $17,272.60

7th) Vitorbrasil – $12,116.60

8th) Dick_Fosbury – $7,476.20

9th) 4 to 1 Dog – $4.382.60

PokerStars Sunday Million

The most anticipated online event of the week for the biggest professionals is easily the PokerStars Sunday Million and once again the prize pool guarantee of $1 million was beaten when 6,060 players paid the money to take part creating a true number of $1,212,000.

900 of those players earned a share of that figure but by far the biggest slice was taken home by Chilean player “JaimeFarriol” after he refused to cut a deal when heads up and went on win $184,345.20.

Both him and “hiphop5g” spoke at long lengths on a number of occasions about striking a deal but despite coming close to an agreement, “JamieFarriol” eventually opted out. He will certainly be happy about that decision now after netting himself an extra $30k that he would not have had if he agreed to the chop.

The Final Standings

1st) JaimeFarriol – $184,345.20

2nd) hiphop5g – $136,350.00

3rd) pokersvit700 – $96,960.00

4th) cannablitz1 – $66,660.00

5th) maggess88 – $50,904.00

6th) PROdube – $38,784.00

7th) santaofis – $26,664.00

8th) Chobineh – $14,544.00

9th) Eskimo Fox – $9,393.00

Despite the World Series of Poker rumbling on over in Las Vegas, there seems to be little affect on the PokerStars Sunday events and we expect that to continue in the next few weeks.