PokerStars Sunday Events

Stacks of dollars

It was another busy day over at PokerStars yesterday with their ever popular Sunday schedule of tournaments once again brought the best in the business to their computer screens.

We have summarised the two biggest events to be found each Sunday, letting you know who ended their weekend with a nice bonus hitting their PokerStars accounts.

Sunday Warm-Up

The first of the two majors on PokerStars was that of the Sunday Million with its guarantee of $500k once again being beaten. This time 2,785 players took their chance in this event, creating a prize pool of $557k.

Just 397 of those players would get a share of the prize pool but the aim for most players would have been to make the final table at least.

Once that table was reached the chip counts were all fairly close with “Medizinball” just about edging the rest with 5,249,043 chips. He would eventually fall in 5th place however which was just one place away from the remaining three which decided to strike a deal on the prize pool.

happyfister” locked up the lions share before going on to win the $10k that was up for grabs for the winner after coming out on top against “a Bull 67” during heads up for a total payout of $79,000.

How It Finished

1st) happyfister – $79,000.00 (d)

2nd) a Bull 67 – $60,000.00 (d)

3rd) 7ei7ka – $60,963.00 (d)

4th) Anao19 – $32,027.50

5th) Medizinball – $24,229.50

6th) ph1shman420 – $18,659.50

7th) kaneoya – $13,089.50

8th) P0KERDUUDE – $7,530.64

9th) MaybeGh – $4,734.50

Sunday Million

The PokerStars Sunday Million again busted the $1 million prize pool guarantee by attracting 6,675 players to give a true prize pool total of $1,335,000. There would 990 players that would get a piece of that money but of course the biggest chunks were reserved for those that made the final table.

There were a number of big name players that took part including PokerStars Team Pros Victoria Coren, Lex Veldhius and Theo Jorgensen but unfortunately none of those three managed to get to the money paying places.

By the time the final table was reached it was a close run thing for the chip lead between “SilentPurple” and “14alonso14” who held chip counts 19,706,250 and 19,465,319 respectively. Once the final five were reached “14alonso14” was the player that had surged into the lead with 37,154,644 but he still agreed to a chop of the prize pool with the remaining players.

He took the lions share after having by far the biggest stack and the players agreed to play out for the remaining $20k and the title.

Eventually it was “SGE1977” that claimed that extra $20k after he beat out “KorW1n22” heads up for a total payout of $108,000.

How It Finished

1st) SGE1977 — $108,000.00 (d)

2nd) KorW1n22 — $105,000.00 (d)

3rd) Marc “14alonso14” McDonnell — $196,536.00 (d)

4th) guvonasat — $105,000.00 (d)

5th) apobuba12 — $75,000.00 (d)

6th) Trems019 — $42,720.00

7th) SilentPurple — $29,370.00

8th) kleath — $16,020.00

9th) cicamica96 — $10,346.25