PokerStars Sunday Million – “Royal Jiks” Scores The Win

The PokerStars Sunday Million was again completed on Sunday with a total of 7,055 players taking part to create a guarantee cracking prize pool of $1,411,000. The winner this week was ‘Royal Jiks” as he had a roller coaster ride on the final table having joined it as massive chip leader, falling to short stack before coming back again to take down the title.

He actually went into the final table in the kind of shape anyone would dream of, with nearly three times the chip stack of his closest rival. Yet after losing five hands in which he could have easily won he found himself as the table short stack and in fact had no more than three big blinds left.

Yet he managed to turn that around and slowly claw it all back and eventually finding himself heads-up before winning the title and winners prize.

PokerStars Team Pros!

As usual there was a fair few PokerStars Team Pros taking part in the biggest online weekly tournament, with players such as Johnny Lodden, Ana Marquez, Pius Heinz, Isaac Haxton, George Danzer, Liv Boeree and Mickey Petersen.

There were twenty four of them in total with only four of them managing to make the money. Ana Marquez did the best of all of them and actually ended up in 15th place. She was doing well to keep an average stack whilst the field was rapidly reducing in numbers before seemingly not getting any cards for a period of time.

She did manage to hit a couple of double ups but was hurt badly when she lost whilst holding the best hand pre-flop. She had the Kd-Qh and was all-in against “SundayLights” who had the Qd-Tc; it ended with her opponent managing to hit two pair whilst she hit just the one.

That crippled her badly but she did manage to increase her stack to a solid 3,000,000 before running her Ad-5c into the pocket queens of “renozerus”.

Final Table!

‘Royal Jiks” had nearly 20 million chips going into the final table but as we said earlier he fell from grace very quickly before managing to claw himself back in what was an action packed final table. He did get to heads up eventually and he was now just eight million chips behind his opponent “AleksHNL”. He was soon past him though in a crippling hand when his Ah-9d held off the As-6h of his opponent.

The final hand saw “Royal Jiks” force his opponent all-in with him holding Kd-3c and “AleksHNL” the Qd-2s, the board came down as Ac-4s-3d-6h-2d giving him the title and the first place prize money.

Final Standings!

1. Royal Jiks $180,504.30


2. AleksHNL $116,633.58


3. danmark2000 $91,335.09


4. bbeat77 $93,179.77


5. Intbild $131,243.33


6. DuduPoker-Br $43,741.00


7. SundayLights $30,336.50


8. Anderbruegge $16,932.00


9. -shameLi- $10,935.25