PokerStars Sunday Million – “iacog4” Wins Big

Kevin “iacog4” Iacofano has finally done what he came so close to doing earlier in the year, he has won the PokerStars Sunday Million and taken home $197k and some change on top. He navigated his way past a huge field of 7,184 players to achieve the feat, which is amazing considering he made it to the final two just eight months ago.

On that occasion he played magnificently as he was a short stack with just five tables left in the event, to ending up as the runner up.

This time though, he managed to go one better in the event which had created a prize pool of $1,436,800, which totally blew the $1 million guarantee out of the water. Out of those players that registered, there would be just 1,080 of them who would get paid with first place at that time set to take home $215,524.92.

PokerStars Team Pros Out In Force!

As is the usual case, Team PokerStars were again out in their droves, with names such as Liv Boeree, Ike Haxton, Ana Marquez, Tyler Frost, Nacho Barbero, Martin Hruby and Johnny Lodden at the virtual felt. It was actually the latter that performed the best too as he finished in 68th place.

The Final Table Bubble!

When we finally got down to the final ten players remaining from the thousands that started, it left us with just one player to be eliminated before making the final table. On this occasion that final table bubble boy was “Garegin777” as his Ah-Qh didn’t connect and lost against “19VICTOR89” and his pocket eights.

The final table of nine was now set and it was a fairly well stacked occasion, with nobody too far out in front.

We eventually found ourselves down to just the final three, and at this stage it was “Dulek_jason” who held a big advantage as he held 38.4 million chips to the 18.2 million of “19VICTOR89” and the 16 million of “iacog4”.

He may have been the short stack but it wasn’t long before “iacog4” had earned a few more chips and then eliminated “19VICTOR89” into third place when he hit the nut flush on the river. This left the remaining two players with just 5 million chips separating them both.

It was at this point that a deal was made to chop the prize pool, leaving just $20k to play for. The players then obviously became a lot looser in their play and it was “iacog4” who won through.

How It Finished!

Kevin “iacog4” Iacofano – $197,052.26

dulek_jason – $177,052.27

19VICTOR89 – $114,944.00

WATnlos – $76,150.40

Franzimoore – $58,908.80

tomc1s – $44,540.80

Mellow-Peach – $30,891.20

austin.xd – $17,241.60

Taffyfella – $11,135.20