PokerStars Sunday Million – “Parmuphill” Claims Victory

In an action packed Sunday Million, which went on for so long that it finished in the afternoon UK time yesterday, we almost had ourselves a new double champion in the event. Kyle “KJulius10” Julius actually won this event around this time last year and very nearly matched that this time with a second place finish that paid him more than the eventual winner.

He took home $199k after a deal was made by the remaining three players, with him taking the largest share due to having a far superior chip stack to his opponents. They agreed to play out for the remaining $20k and Julius actually lost to “Parmuphill”.

The event again attracted a massive field, with the numbers this time reading 7,848 players and a prize pool of $1,569,000. It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out that that total was far more than the $1 million that PokerStars place on this event as a guarantee.

How The PokerStars Team Pros Fared!

Due to many a live tournaments finishing during the week, we saw an increase in the number of PokerStars Team Pros in the mix, with the more notables of them being Liv Boeree, Tatiana Barausova, Johnny Lodden, Jonathan Duhamel and Joe Cada.

None of them managed to make a deep run however, with the best of them being Barausova who finished in 636th place.

The Final Table!

cristi888 – 6,193,505

akzack – 1,568,240

IdolIvey – 8,151,503

ragAAAila19 – 7,874,292

Dönig – 4,221,280

KJulius10 – 22,583,690

42oscar – 13,585,959

parmupill – 10,751,089

pistecaloze – 3,550,442

Julius was already well in front by the time the final table had been set, with him picking up 22,583,690 chips already which were more than double that of “parmuphill” who was his closest challenger at that point.

Julius and “parmuphill” would have an almighty battle on the final table though with the former actually losing his lead on a number of occasions. Eventually though he would claim it back and actually eliminated five of the final table to bring the event down to the final three players.

This was where the chop of the prize pool occurred, with them deciding to play for just the final $20k. “ragAAAila10” was first to go after being eliminated by Julius, before he was eventually caught and gunned down by “parmuphill”. The final hand was a coin flip, with “Parmuphill” holding pocket twos against the Ks-Qs of “KJulius” with the board not doing anything for the latter.

How It Finished!

parmupill – $170,000.00

Kyle “KJulius10” Julius – $199,000.00

ragAAAila19 – $156,819.87

42oscar – $79,107.84

cristi888 – $62,784.00

pistecaloze – $47,088.00

IdolIvey – $31,392.00

Donig – $18,050.40

akzack – $12,164.40