PokerStars Sunday Round Up

sunday in multicolour letters

Online tournament poker players the world over converged onto PokerStars once again yesterday to take part in their huge schedule of weekly events in the hope of hitting a big score. Sunday is always the key day for any online tournament poker player and this one was certainly no different.

The two biggest of those in the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million were the ones that attracted the most attention and we are going to have a quick look at how they played out.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

The PokerStars Sunday Warm-up was the first of the two major Sunday events to take place on the site yesterday, with it attracting a guarantee busting field of 2,901 players. That generated an impressive prize pool of $580,200 which was to be shared among the top 414 players.

By the time that field had been condensed down to the final table, the Portuguese player ‘jorghino88’ had the chip lead with more than five million chips. He did lose this lead a number of times during a heads up session against the British player ‘Bigdaft’ but managed to pull it back before finishing off his opponent with pocket fours.

There was no deal made on the final table so he won $91,382.17 for his efforts whilst his opponent took down $68,173.50 for finishing as the runner up.

How It Finished

1st) jorginho88 – $91,382.17

2nd) Bigdaft – $68,173.50

3rd) Aaron “AaronBeen” Been – $48,736.80

4th) sickyjimmy – $33,361.50

5th) Da_Engineer – $25,238.70

6th) bolivianSWAG – $19,436.70

7th) Chris “ImDaNuts” Oliver – $13,634.70

8th) graffd – $7,844.30

9th) IKnewwwIt – $4,931.70

PokerStars Sunday Million

As for the biggest weekly tournament online, it also beat its prize pool guarantee yet again. 6,931 players all parted way with the $215 buy-in to bring a prize pool of $1,386,200. The top 990 players won a share of that figure but it was the final table that saw the biggest payouts awarded.

With such big money on offer, once the event was down to the final three players, they agreed to chop the prize pool. This left just $2-k to play for and that was eventually won by ‘MiniiPop’ after a heads up session against ‘Bequipe’ finished when the former managed to hit a straight on the river.

They took home $162,683.70 and $158,165.02 respectively for their performances but the title and bragging rights went to ‘MiniiPop’.

How It Finished

1st) MiniiPop – $162,683.70 (d)

2nd) Bequipe – $158,165.02 (d)

3rd) peitelanco – $156,840.21 (d)

4th) DaDumon – $76,241.00

5th) zeroGambling – $58,220.40

6th) kalu72 – $44,358.40

7th) phil548 – $30,496.40

8th) shakentoucan – $16,634.40

9th) Infinity899 – $10,743.05