PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up – “nurabsal” Scoops Title

Though there were plenty of live events taking place recently, for those players that prefer to play their tournaments in an online setting, there is no bigger day than that of Sunday. This is due to the weekly Sunday tournaments that PokerStars bring, with this one being the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up.

This event is the one that kicks off just before the PokerStars Sunday million, which we will be bringing you in a separate report a little later on. It is a $215 buy-in and $500k guaranteed prize pool event that much like any other event on the site always busts its own guarantee. This time around that prize pool stretched to $688,600 due to 3,443 players taking their seats on the virtual tables of PokerStars.

The winner this time around was “nurasbsal”, with the British player taking home $84,611.17 after a three way chop on the final table. He managed to overcome the Russian “hulinada” during heads up to take the title, though the runner up did receive a bigger payout due to that earlier chop of the remaining prize pool.

The Final Table!

bah23 – 1,721,715

hulinada – 4,688,409

tilt21sted – 4,293,430

5typesofmeat – 5,936,391

plspaythxbye – 5,367,438

OffpoZition – 3,940,769

seppmann7 – 2,560,128

nurabsal – 3,956,277

skuja – 1,965,443

Once this event got down to the final table of nine players, it was looking like it could almost be anyone’s title as the table was incredibly even. However, it took under ten minutes to see the first elimination as “plspaythxbye” ran his Kd-Qd into the Ad-Ks of “tilt21sted” and came out second best.

“hulinada” then claimed his first scalp of the final table when his 7d-7c outlasted the Ac-10c of “skuja” on a board of 6d-6c-4s-Qs-5d to send his opponent home in eighth. We had to wait only until the next hand to see who fell in seventh with “hulinada” again being the player responsible for the elimination. This time he made a full house with pocket eights to see “5typespfmeat” home.

We then had to wait around half an hour before we saw three quick eliminations occur, “bah23”, “tilt21sted” and “OffpoZition” being those who fell with “hulinada” eliminating the latter two.

That left us with the final three, which is where the chop of the prize pool took place. By far the largest stack of the three was “hulinada” which is why he took the largest slice of that chop. They agreed to play out the event for the final $10k and we commenced.

“nurabsal” then started to make his move on the title by eliminating “seppmann7” in third place to set up a heads up battle with “hulinada”. It happened when he managed to outdraw his opponents Jc-9c with his 10s-8s to give him a much needed boost to his chip stack.

He still had half of what “hulinada” had though at the start of heads up and had to work hard to chip away at his opponent. He did so brilliantly and without ever doubling up in a hand he had managed to overhaul his opponent and pull into a 4-1 chip advantage before the final hand occurred.

“hulinada” pushed with the Qc-9d pre-flop and was called instantly by the Qh-10h of “nurabsal” and both players watched the 10c-5d-6d-Ah-3d fall to reveal the new champion.

How It Finished!

nurabsal – $84,611.17

hulinada – $94,201.74

seppmann7 – $66,673.98

OffpoZition – $39,594.50

tilt21sted – $29,265.50

bah23 – $22,379.50

5typesofmeat – $15,493.50

skuja – $8,607.50

plspaythxbye – $5,508.80