PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up – “allintrev23” Wins $110k

The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up again proved to be a very popular event on Sunday as a large field of 3,512 players decided to have a shot at the $215 buy-in event. This created a prize pool of $702,400 which again beat the $500k guarantee placed on the event by PokerStars, it also meant that there would be 540 players paid out to with the rest leaving empty handed.

With regards to notable players in the event there was Paul Hockin who has only just recently won the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event, he was joined by Team Pros Max Lykov, Ana Marquez, Pius Heinz, Johnny Lodden, Vicky Coren, Alex Kravchenko and Nacho Barbero.

Each of those players failed to make it to the pay league though with Hockin actually finishing a few places from it. The actual bubble boy on this occasion was “sk2ll_m0dR” finishing in 541st place.

There was in fact only two PokerStars Team pros that did make the money this week, Martin Staszko who made it two cashes in consecutive weeks by finishing in 188th for a payout of $561.92 and Mickey Peterson who managed a very deep run into 14th place where he lost in a hand in a pre-flop shove holding Kc-9s. His opponent held the 3s-5s and hit on the flop of Tc-5d-2d-8h-8d. He was awarded $3,160.80 for his troubles though.

The Final Table!


When the players were whittled down to the final 9 players, we found ourselves on the final table with “Jengleleg” holding a massive chip lead of nearly 2 to 1 over his next opponent who was the eventual winner “allintrev23”.


However, it was “Elmagico19A1” who stormed ahead through much of the final table and “Jengleleg” actually found himself eliminated at the hands of the new chip leader in 6th place. He lost holding the As-Jd to his opponents Ad-3d when the community cards fell as 5h-8s-5d-3h-Th.


“Elmagico19A1” went on to finish in third place leaving us with heads up between “allintrev23” and “Moumaife84”. There was no deal cut despite a fairly even chip count, with the initial action proving to be quite slow at first.


“allintrev23” did start chipping away at the slender lead that his opponent did have though before the pivotal hand occurred that crippled his opponent. “Moumaife84” five bet pre-flop holding the ad-7d and “allintrev23”called whilst holding 5c-5s. The board ran out as a lucky one for the eventual winner as Ks-Kc-Qc-Ac-9c to give him a four flush.


It was all over within a couple of hands after that and ‘allintrev23” took home $110,277.97.


How It Finished:


1st allintrev23 – $110,277.97


2nd moumaife84 – $82,180.80


3rd Elmagico19A1 – $57,948.00


4th wodka88 – $40,388.00


5th XuTpbIu_Tun – $29,852.00


6th Jengleleg – $22,828.00


7th MegaDes777 – $15,804.00


8th marlin5555 – $8,780.00


9th SheikhMar – $5,619.20