PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up – “Waldur1983” Is The Winner

Despite the obvious Christmas commitments of poker players across the world, there wasn’t much stopping them from taking part in some of the biggest weekly online poker tournaments. One such tournament was the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up, which attracted 3,381 players and created a prize pool of $676,200.00.

The action might have been slowing down of late due to something called Christmas, however there were still la number of players who were more than eager to risk a few pounds/dollars in search of a profit.

The player that actually finished on the top of the pile this time around was “waldur1983” who took down a Christmas total of $106,164.21. There were 3,381 players which again managed to completely trash the guaranteed prize pool of $500k and create an actual one of $676,200.00.

The event was quick, aggressive and certainly held no prisoners as players were thrown out left, right and centre. The eventual winner though was a class above the rest as he not only managed to circumvent that field but also reach and pass the final table, despite having an average stack on the final table.

The Final Table:

Waldur1983 – 3386412

munchenHB – 3969662

Alex be rich – 2606498

Sobizzle21 – 6246857

bossamtisch – 3783620

san the one- 932468

acske – 5343023

lehout – 4745057

Civell – 2796403

As it got down to the final table, it was “sam the one” who was the player that sat on the top of the pile, he had 3 million chips more than his closest rival. However, in a strange final table it was actually the chip leader going into it that ended out being eliminated first.

Heads Up!

By the time it got down to the final two players, “waldur1983” ha a 3-1 chip lead. It was a lead that he wasn’t about to let slip as he continually put the pressure on his opponent. That lead was sufficient enough for him to quickly put the squeeze on his opponent, with the final hand occurring when held the Ac-5c. He pushed all-In and was quickly called by the Ad-Qh yet found a straight on the turn. The board fell as the 8h-6c-8d-9c-7c to give “waldur1983” the title.

How it Finished!

Waldur1983 – $106,164.21

munchenHB -$79,115.40

Lehout – $55,786.50

Sobizzle21 – $38,881.50

acske – $28,738.50

Civell – $21,976.50

Bossamtisch – $15,214.50

Alex be rich – $8,452.50

san the one- $5,409.60

That was the last Sunday Million of 2012, leaving us all looking forward to the action on the virtual felt in 2013.