PokerStars Super Tuesday – “eisenhower1” Claims Title

Amongst all of the action in the PokerStars TCOOP was the usual weekly tournament, the PokerStars Super Tuesday. We would have been forgiven in thinking that due to the Turbo Championship Of Online Poker we would have a reduced field in this event, yet in fact it was the complete opposite.

It in fact broke the previous record with regards to players by a solid 50, bringing the total to 597 for the first time. This meant that the $300k prize pool was all but doubled except for a few thousand, with the actual figure being $597k.

There would only be 72 players that would take home a share of that prize pool, with “eisenhower1” winning the event and banking $73,509.34. He didn’t actually take the largest share though, due to a four way chop with just four players remaining.

As we reached the final table in this event, the fly away leader was “WATnlos” who held 889,494 chips. He had more than double anybody else, yet would ultimately finish in second place.

The Final Table!

bgame153 – 112,679

Speedpokah – 271,507

OMGjonyctt – 176,575

eisenhower1 – 260,924

Pimmss – 253,101

Purakzoli – 385,869

zugzwang16 – 312,288

WATnlos – 889,494

Chester20o- 322,563

The first of the final nine to hit the rail was “bgame153”, which was mainly due to him being the short stack when the final table began. He finally found a hand in the As-Jd that he could push all-in the middle with but ran right into a better hand of Ah-Qd which was held by “Eisenhower1” the board helped neither and “bgame153” was out.

Next we lost a trio of players in “zugwang16”, “Chester20o” and “Speedpokah” to leave us just five handed. It wasn’t that long until we were down to four either, as “OMGjonycutt” was unlucky to see the turn and river produce a running two pair for “Purakzoli” to better the two pair he already had when the chips went into the middle.

The remaining four decided to cut a deal, with the eventual winner “eisenhower1” actually getting the smallest cut due to having the least amount of chips. They decided to have just $6k left for them all to fight it out for, with both “pimmss” and “Purakzoli” both being eliminated by “eisenhower1” after he had doubled up through the latter a little earlier.

That left “eisenhower1” and “WATnlos” to do battle with the former having more than a 4-1 chip lead. It didn’t take long before “eisenhower1” was crowned champion as he called an all-in from “WATnlos” holding pocket jacks against the Ac-2d and saw a jack on the river complete the deal.


How It Finished!

eisenhower1 – $73,509.34

WATnlos – $75,409.62

Purakzoli – $81,640.29

Pimmss – $71,821.25

OMGjonyctt – $32,238.00

Speedpokah – $25,372.50

Chester20o – $19,402.50

zugzwang16- $13,432.50

bgame153 – $9,134.10