PokerStars Super Tuesday – “Speedpokah” Takes Quick $103k

What does Tuesday mean with regards to online poker? That right, the PokerStars Super Tuesday was back in action, with it again cracking the 500 player mark. In fact there were 547 players that registered for the event bringing a prize pool of $547k.

The eventual winner was Finnish player “Speedpokah” who managed to come from behind heads up to take home the first place prize of $103,930.00 from Australia’s “mjw006”.

As is usually the case, there were a selection of PokerStars Pros taking part in the event, with Mickey Petersen, Max Lykov, Caio Pessagno and the consistent Christian de Leon all failing to make the money on this occasion.

The Final Table!

mjw006 – 157,298

hunter_az533 – 236,480

yurasov1990 – 130,541

olimasi77 – 137,250

oncommand – 395,080

lilholdem954 – 776,826

psjebemvas – 280,447

Speedpokah – 350,929

Greenstone25 – 270,149

As we reached the final table, it was looking ominous for everyone apart from “lilholdem954”, as he had raced into a big lead with 776,826 chips.

The first elimination came almost immediately as eventual runner up “mjw006” took out “yurasov1990” he gets extremely lucky though as his pocket sixes managed to crack the pocket aces of his opponent by making a set on the river.

Next to go was “oncommand” who ran his Jc-Kd into the pocket aces of “lilholdem954, with the aces this time managing to hold up. The aces were again involved in the next elimination, with them again being cracked by the Kh-Jh when a flush was made. The unlucky player this time was “olimasi77”.

“Greenestone25” then finished in 6th place when his Kc-Qd did not hit the intended gutshot straight draw on the river against his opponents top pair with the Ad-Js.

Fifth place went to the original chip leader on the table, with “lilholdem954” thinking he had won the hand with his flush, yet didn’t realise that “mjw006” held a better one. That put the victor of that hand into the chip lead.

He wasn’t finished yet though as he was responsible for “psjebemvas” going home in 4th when he hit yet another flush on the river to dispose of his opponent.

We were now down to the final three and although a deal was discussed it never materialised, due to “hunter_az533” demanding a little too much. He would have regretted that after being eliminated in third place when his Ac-Jd could not outrun the pocket fives of “mjw006”.

That meant that “mjw006” now had a very commanding lead for heads up, with him holding 1,933,767 against the 801,233 of his opponent “Speedpokah”. The latter managed a huge double up though that put him in control, with that bringing us the final hand shortly after.

It was the pocket sevens of “Speedpokah” against the Ad-Jd of “mjw006”, with the board rolling out as 6d-Qh-8c-4d-4c to reveal our new weekly champion.

How It Finished!

Speedpokah – $103,930.00

mjw006 – $76,580.00

hunter_az533 – $56,067.50

psjebemvas – $42,666.00

lilholdem954 – $30,085.00

Greenstone25 – $23,247.50

olimasi77 – $17,777.50

oncommand – $12,307.50

yurasov1990 – $9,080.20