PokerStars Super Tuesday – “OMGitshunt” Takes Down $103k

If you remember last week, we were commenting on how the turn out for this weekly online poker tournament had equaled exactly its best ever field 540 players, which was set earlier in the year. Well, that record has now been beaten the very following week as 547 players decided to take a punt on the PokerStars Super Tuesday.

This created a prizepool for the $1,050 NLHE of $547,000 which almost doubled the $300k guarantee that PokerStars placed on it. Of that prizepool, the top 63 would be guaranteed a share of it with the winner looking to take home $103,930. That first place prize would also mean a new record for Super Tuesday as long as there was no deal made at the final table.

This week saw “OMGitshunt” emerge as the winner, after successfully negotiating both the field and the final table to take home $103,930,00.

Final Table!

After around six hours of play, we were at the final table of nine players with the chip leader being “floppinhel” who was ever so slightly ahead of “OMGitshunt”. Each of these players had played brilliantly to navigate their way to the final table and would be guaranteed at least $9,080,20 for their troubles; though they would all have been hoping for a larger cut of the pool.

The final table was a feisty affair with players going all-in left right and centre, which inevitably meant eliminations. We lost both “Malle100” and “subiime” early on and that just seemed to open the floodgates.

We lost three other players in quick succession with the previous chip leader “floppinhel” being eliminated in 7th after being crippled by the eventual winner, then “LBBigSlickAK” in 6th and “XTheDecanoX” in 5th.

Play slowed up slightly as “OMGitshunt” was the obvious favourite with a now massive chip lead, the other players were jostling for position and hoping to try and get as close to him as possible. We did eventually lose “WatchOutFish” in 4th who was quickly followed out of the event by the 3rd place finisher “psjebemvas”.

This just left heads up between “OMGitshunt” and “M.nosbocaJ”, though it really did not last too long before the final hand. It occurred when “OMGitshunt” check raised on the turn whilst holding 10d-8d on a board that showed 8c-Qc-10c-2h, his opponent held the Qs-Js and needed a jack to win on the river, it came the 5c and the winner was established.

The Final Standings!

M.nosbocaJ (United Kingdom) — 319,512

Malle1000 (Germany) — 182,927

psjebemvas (Serbia) — 379,185

Thiago “XTheDecanoX” Nishijima (Brazil) — 246,691

Rhys “floppinhel” Jones (United Kingdom) — 462,315

LBBigSlickAK (Mexico) — 300,698

OMGitshunt (Belarus) — 416,088

Joseph “subiime” Cheong (Canada) — 238,860

Michael “WatchOutFish” Benvenuti (Germany) — 188,724