PokerStars – Lee Jones New Head Of Poker Communications

Sometimes, an online poker room just gets it right. Bringing huge multi-table tournaments, influencing the global growth of poker, and introducing new features like Zoom Poker are just a few ways that PokerStars has shown that they know what their doing. However, it is a recent development that shows just how right the online poker giant can be with their choices. In a move that makes perfect sense to anyone within the poker community, Lee Jones has been asked to become the Head of Poker Communications for PokerStars. For those online players that don’t know who Lee Jones is and how his presence will help the whole of poker, they’re about to find out.

First and foremost, Lee Jones is a poker player. He knows the game inside and out and was a professional before moving to the business side of poker operations. Starting with PokerStars in October 2003, Jones has been involved in seemingly every possible aspect of poker, from being the general manager of the online poker room to regular article writer for Bluff Magazine. He has also written a strategy book titled Winning Low-Limit Holdem. In addition to these two roles, Jones has also worked to develop the European Poker Tour into the success it is today and was even the Chief Operating Officer of a well-respected poker strategy training website.

Obviously, Lee Jones knows his way around the world of poker. But what does this mean for a typical player?

What it means is that there will now be a clear voice to represent players and their concerns. Because Jones has been on both sides of the table (and nearly every other chair in the poker house), he understands what it’s like to be a player and knows that keeping the players happy is the highest priority. In his role as Head of Poker Communications, Jones will effectively become the middle man between the players and top-level PokerStars management. His direct supervisor will be Michael Josem, another well-known name in the poker community.

Most likely, Jones will eventually transform into the human face of the PokerStars brand. His keen wit and deep knowledge of the game makes him an excellent choice and his improvements will no doubt bring a glossy sheen to all of online poker.

PokerStars continues to prove that it is a company that knows how to make the right decisions. Hiring Lee Jones in this important role shows both foresight and a commitment to working with players rather than against them. In the future, it would not be surprising to see the brand of PokerStars continue to grow at an unheralded pace. Surely, Jones and other key employees will be a major factor in that growth.