PokerStars TCOOP 2-Day Roundup

Turbo Championship Of Online Poker

Despite there being rather a lot of live action being played out or approaching in the EPT Deauville and the forthcoming Aussie Millions, online players too have been seeing plenty of action over the past few days.

The PokerStars Turbo Championship Of Online Poker has been going on for a couple of days now and has thus far brought us 8 results from the 50 events that have been scheduled. Take a look below as we give you a brief rundown of how they finished up.

Event #1 – $27 No Limit Holdem 6 – Max $750k Guarantee

The first event of a series like this usually sets the tone for the rest that follow and this one certainly did that. It brought in a staggering 25,590 players and took only five and a half hours to complete. By the time we reached the final five the players did what we expect to see a lot in this series and that is make a deal.

It was “sting_AC” that took the remaining $15k left to play for after he took down “venced0r” heads up to take home the first title of the series.

The Final Standings

1st) sting_AC — $37,416.85 (d)

2nd) venced0r — $57,615.77 (d)

3rd)URMYLeNoR — $27,470.24 (d)

4th) Raymen82 — $51,862.85 (d)

5th) carmenqueasy — $40,284 (d)

6th) Shavgula — $7,500

Event #2 – $55 No Limit Courchevel Hi/Lo

The second was set to quickly mix things up for players as it was a Courchevel Hi/Lo event. It still attracted 1,831 players that created a healthy prize pool of $91,550, though only 240 of those players would be taking home a share of it.

Eventually it was “OnThinIce” that took the glory after seeing off “herosnappinG” to claim the $16,022.12 first place payout.

The Final Standings

1st)  OnTheThinIce — $16,022.12

2nd) herosnappinG — $11,443.75

3rd) FICHMAN — $8,697.25

4th) Chuvendoil — $6,408.50

5th) Na Ni Ni $Dk — $4,577.50

6th) krakukra — $2,746.50

7th) blahdy — $1,831.00

8th) loveHitGirl — $915.50

Event #3 – $215 No Limit Holdem Knockout

This event lasted just over five hours after 4,988 players parted with their money to create a prize pool of $1,012,564 before going all out in a frantic hope of making the money. Only 630 of them could achieve a slice of that prize pool and the man that finished at the top of the tree was “K_Heaven07” who took the largest share of $114,135.30 after a three way chop.

The Final Standings

1st) K_Heaven07 — $114,135.30 (d)

2nd) GarethC23 — $97,227.35 (d)

3rd) rickwaa — $75,767.95 (d)

4th) nafnaf_funny — $45,584.70

5th) Tygem — $34,289.38

6th) birs320 — $26,211.29

7th) Noelliam — $18,153.20

8th) BIG PANDAO — $10,085.11

9th) HalfMoonLane — $6,454.47

Event #4 – $55 No Limit Holdem – $330k Guaranteed

Another big field of 3,358 showed up online for this Holdem event easily beating its prize pool by creating a true figure of $417,900. This event was the first to be won by a relatively well known player, as Sam “KingKobeMVP” Stein came out on top of another well known pro in Kevin “ImaLuckSac” MacPhee to take home the title.

The Final Standings

1st) KingKobeMVP — $48,616.27 (d)

2nd) ImaLuckSac — $42,567.80 (d)

3rd) kruvant — $35,907.11 (d)

4th) rickychaja — $37,303.68 (d)

5th) 28FIRTINA28 — $17,133.90

6th) Aaspen76 — $12,954.90

7th) ProWannabe10 — $8,984.85

8th) t.heck9r — $5,014.80

9th) ezee1 — $3,238.72

Event #5 $27 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max

The fifth event brought us a bit of Pot Limit Omaha to enjoy and it certainly did not disappoint. 2,964 players came in and were also responsible for re-buys and add-ons that totalled 3,422 to build a prize pool of $177,521.05 for the 309 best place finishes. The best placed finisher of all was “Melwax” who after a four-way chop took home $19,612.54.

The Final Standings

1st) Melwax — $19,612.54 (d)

2nd) jorhos — $18,349.37 (d)

3rd) for1aN2 — $19,196.95 (d)

4th) bokkie87 — $16,070.37 (d)

5th) easywithaces — $6,213.23

6th) Sh4tterhand — $3,172.30

Event #6 – $55 No Limit Holdem Shootout

This one switched back to the Holdem variant and saw 3,347 players pay the $55 buy-in to create a combined prize pool of $167,350. Just 16 players took home a portion of that and this time there was no chop on the final table so “freudionline” took easily the best amount in $26,776.72 for the win.

The Final Standings

1st) freudionline — $26,776.72

2nd) Brandon “oncommand” Meyers — $20,082

3rd) luckybm2 — $15,061.50

4th) 1_conor_b_1 — $10,041

5th) stevenvol — $6,694

6th) jonaj10 — $4,150.28

Event #7 – $27 No Limit Holdem Turbo

The action then continued with another super fast tournament in which 7,650 players managed to set a prize pool of $560,599.25. “rkdehddls” came out on top of that field and took home the best payout possible from the 990 players that were paid as a nice $69,774.64 was added to his PokerStars account after another three-way split.

The Final Standings

1st) rkdehddls — $69,774.64 (d)

2nd) tapata16 — $61,343.91 (d)

3rd) walkz666 — $62,069.38 (d)

4th) Sghango — $30,832.95

5th) Lavrik942 — $23,545.16

6th) gamblr84 — $17,939.17

7th) sicklife03 — $12,333.18

8th) Great Ararat — $6,727.19

9th) HunSDP — $4,344.64

Event #8 – $82 No Limit Holdem Big Antes

The final event that occurred yesterday was another biggie as 4,748 players took a gamble in order to win some big money. However, there were only 630 of them that would go on to achieve some form of payout and it ended up being “iBreakU_U” from Russia who won the title and pocketed a rather nice $78,376.44 for his troubles.

The Final Standings

1st) iBreakU_U — $78,376.44

2nd) jonwayne69 — $58,200.48

3rd) frma1103 — $41,214.93

4th) alfonsom28 — $28,225.98

5th) Rasmus1002 — $21,231.93

6th) kleath — $16,236.18

7th) Merceko — $11,240.43

8th) back2beis — $6,244.68

9th) FabOne1986 — $3,996.60