PokerStars Team Pro Horecki Wins Micro Millions Event

It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what the stakes are, a true poker player wants to win every event he or she enters. The PokerStars MicroMillions series is designed to offer low stakes grinders the chance to experience large events, in a tournament setting.

Well yesterday, A PokerStars Team Pro managed to navigate his way through a field of 1,639 players, a further 2,794 rebuys and just over a 1,000 add-ons to win the $4.40 PLO Six-Handed Event.

What really brought home the spirit of the occasion was the fact that this world renowned poker pro ended up playing heads up with a player who had only ever entered five PLO online tournaments in his life.

Marcin “Goral” Horecki on the other hand has over a million in career earnings from poker and obviously earns money by simply representing the site on a sponsorship deal. Yet he loves these low stakes events and was actually the winner of the Player Of The Series last time around and is aiming to do the same again, with this win actually putting him back at the top of the pile.

As the event actually got down to the final 30 players, Horecki actually found himself as one of the short stacks, yet he wasn’t about to give up and be satisfied with his performance. By the time another 6 players had been eliminated he was right near the top again, sitting in third to be precise.

That run of dominance continued and by the time the final table was set, he held over double his closest rival as he had a stack of 11,729,918 chips.

The final table was an action packed event, with players dropping like flies. Many of the final table was not even aware that they were playing with a PokerStars Team pro, though the hordes of railbirds certainly let them know about it.

Heads Up!

Once we eventually found the event at heads up, Horecki’s opponent “Biiiig P” seemed to be more excited about playing heads up against a professional poker player than winning the money he was about to.

He was down in chips about 2-1 and even joked about cutting some kind of deal before commenting that he was sorry for taking time to make a play as he was taking a picture.

The session didn’t last too long with Horecki eventually winning and sending his opponent out in second place for a payout of $2,729,86.

The Final Standings:

Marcin “Goral” Horecki – $3,652.00

Biiiig P – $2,729.86

11doartu11 – $2,022.12

Mitorun – $1,348.08

remcovn – $898.72

BadBoyBrett – $561.70