Become PokerStars Supernova – Have Your Face On A Card

If you have not yet tried to reach the holy grail of PokerStars VIP statuses, then the rewards on offer in 2013 might just make you have one big push to do so. PokerStars have announced a bunch of new rewards for the player that is the first one to make it past both the Supernova and Supernova Elite finish lines.

Back in 2011 a player by the name of Andrew Li broke records as the screen name of “azntracker” by establishing himself as a PokerStars Supernova Elite in just two months. That shattered the record of a little over three months which was set by PokerStars Team Pro George Lind.

That performance was nothing short of amazing, with anyone considering beating it having to have an immense amount of focus, dedication, persistence and a shed load of time on their hands. Whilst he of course won the admiration of poker players the world over for his achievement, whilst he won the massive amounts of cash and bonuses with achieving such a status of securing a million VPP’s, he didn’t get anything extra for being the first player to do it.

This year, PokerStars plans to reward the first player that makes it to both of those Supernova status’s first with an extra bonus amount of VPP’s, a double points day and your face plastered on the back of a collectable PokerStars pack of cards.

So if you can be the first to get more than 100k VPP’s to achieve the Supernova VIP status and then the first to achieve 1 million VPP’s for the supernova elite, you will be the sole winner of these bonuses. It will be tough going though, as you can bet that once those VPP’s get reset on New Year, there will be a host of players going all out to be the milestone players.


If you are the first to make it to 100k VPP’s you will win two extra bonuses that other players making that status will not get:

• An extra 100k VPPS points, that’s double what you have already racked up. These can be used to purchase whatever you like in the VPP store.

• Have your face on the 2013 Collectible card deck supplied by PokerStars, alongside many of the PokerStars Team Pros.

Supernova Elite:

My hitting the million mark in VPP’s ahead of anyone else you will again be rewarded better than anyone else that hits that achievement after you:

• You will be given a free pass to use whenever you choose that will give you 24 hrs of double the VPP’s earned. Now, the fact that you have already achieved Supernova status would say that you play quite a lot, so imagine how many extra VPP’s you could earn.

• Again, you would also have your face on that unique deck of cards supplied by PokerStars at the end of 2013.

I am now just imagining players sat at their computers when the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December, in an attempt to win these particular races.