UKIPT Nottingham Full Replay (vid)

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This edition of the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour Nottingham was the richest ever, attracting huge crowds and generating tremendous interest among the fans watching it from home. PokerStars was behind this major tournament and this time, they decided that the UKIPT Nottingham deserves proper coverage. The result is a remarkable footage of exactly 4 hours that focuses mostly on the final table.

8 players made the final table and 7 of them were British, which comes as no surprise given the popularity that this tournament enjoys in the island. William Elliot started as chip leader, followed by Juan Benito, while Duncan McLellan and Ryan Spittles were virtually tied for the third place with 3.3 million chips. A long and intense struggle for supremacy followed, but in the end Duncan McLellan emerged victorious.

This is how the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour Nottingham main event ended and the prizes collected by the 8 finalists.

  1. Duncan McLellan – £218,300
  2. Angelo Milioto – £127,800
  3. Trevor Pearson – £89,900
  4. Willie Elliot – £67,000
  5. Ryan Spittles – £51,700
  6. Juan Benito – £38,400
  7. Anthony Flynn – £29,300
  8. Ramey Shaio – £20,800

There are plenty of reasons for why poker enthusiasts shouldn’t settle for the dry numbers, as the UKIPT Nottingham Full Replay includes some juicy little nuggets. The final table is the cornerstone of the video, but viewers can also see Liv Boeree playing Guitar Hero and Stapleton’s short stand-up comedy gig.

Check the complete UKIPT Nottingham Full Replay here: