PokerStars UKIPT Cork Main Event – Finneran Scoops Title

shutterstock_25229425The final table of eight players returned yesterday afternoon in the PokerStars UK & Ireland Poker Tour Cork Main Event, with those players all eager to take down this popular local title. The player that did manage that feat was local Irishman Thomas Finneran, after he had been near the top of the leader board for most of the tournament and thoroughly deserved going on to win the title.

He took home €55,440 for his troubles, though there had been a small chop when the match was at heads up, meaning that €5k was moved from the first place payout to the runner up spot.

The Chip Counts At The Start Of The Day!

Pawel Keller – (1,524,000)

Thomas Finneran – (1,415,000)

Deborah Worley-Roberts – (795,000)

Stephen McGrath – (610,000)

Alexander Rhys-Davies – (457,000)

Fridjon Thordarson – (336,000)

Pascal Töngi – (289,000)

Nicholas Newport – (195,000)

Finneran came into the day just behind the chip leader Pawel Keller and was already in a strong position to challenge for the title. Many were betting that the title would be between those two, yet whilst it certainly looked that way throughout the day, Stephan McGrath eventually started to pick up pots against Keller and eventually managed to pass him.

Once past him he then went on to eliminate the player that has been right at the top of the leader board throughout the event. It happened when Keller decided to push all in on a board of Kh-5d-5c-Jd whilst holding a flush draw, McGrath made the call with the A-K and managed to dodge a diamond on the river to send the event into heads up.

This session wasn’t the longest that we had seen but it did go on for quite a while, though McGrath took quite a beating. Eventually he became a very short stack despite starting out in front and had little choice but to shove with the 5c-6c. Finneran made the call with the Qs-8s and hit a full house when the board fell as the 4s-8c-3d-8h-Qc.

That sealed his first ever UKIPT title and signalled the end of this event.

How It Finished!

Thomas Finneran – €55,440

Stephan McGrath – €45,600

Pawel Keller – €24,960

Fridjon Thordarson – €19,360

Deborah Worley-Roberts – €14,780

Alexander Rhys-Davies – €10,510

Pascal Töngi – €7,885

Nicholas Newport – €5,910

UKIPT events are always full of excitement and high quality poker, with us already looking forward to their very next stop on the poker calendar. We will be here to provide you report’s much in the same way that we have here.