PokerStars Weekly Online Movers And Shakers

Action on the PokerStars high stakes tables has been going very strong since the end of the World Series Of Poker tournaments, with this week being absolutely no different. The biggest winner of the week was “ChaosRen160” who amassed a massive $467,533 profit for the week.

He finished just ahead of some other strong performers this week which included Ben “Ben86” Tollerene with $343,931 and “Gozoboro” who built up a profit of $325,591. Alex “Kanu7” Millar also put in a very strong week with $293,905 to add to his bankroll.

Last Week’s Winner Donates Most Of It Back This Week!

Joeri “Love2playU” Van Der Sman was the biggest winner last week with a profit of $535,000, however such as life is in poker, he managed to lose $307,000 of it this week. It just goes to show that being a professional poker player certainly has its ups and downs.

Despite that loss he was still only third in the list of weekly online losers; “patpatman” topped the list with losses of $413,290 for the week, whilst he was followed very closely by the $410,538 that Dan “wOOki3z” Cates managed to lose.

Now Back To “ChaoRen160”

“ChaoRen160’s most successful day was actually last Friday when he destroyed his opponents, he was sat at the $50/$100 pot limit Omaha tables and was by far the biggest winner of the day with $154,000 added to his bankroll.

His biggest pot came when he was playing heads up against Jannick “EDWARDHOPPER” Wrang, he opened the betting with $300 whilst on the button and Wrang re-raised to $500 from the BB. ChaosRen160 the re-raised to $1,500 where Wrang finally decided to call after some thinking, the flop came 2s, 6d, 3c.

After the flop Wrang put out a small bet of $100 but called quickly once Chaoren160 raised to $2,000, the turn then came 9d. This time Wrang checked, and then raised a bet of $4,800 up to a staggering $21,438, Chaosren160 then pushed all in for $25,994 with Wrang quickly making the call.

The showdown brought both players showing two pair but it was ChoarRen160’s two pair of 6 and 9 that was ahead at the turn, which was further improved to a full house on the river. He took the $58,986 pot which also confirmed Wrang as the day’s biggest loser with losses of $171,800.

The overall biggest pot of the day was won by Dan Cates, he may have been one of the week’s biggest losers but on this day he did take $124,350 in one hand.

The high rollers of the online poker scene will of course continue to do battle all through next week, and we will be there to yet again bring you the biggest winners and losers.