PokerStars Women Granting Holiday Wishes This Christmas

Lucille Cailly

It is certainly the season to be jolly, yet PokerStars Women are planning to make it even jollier by granting selected wishes from PokerStars players that take the time out to put in a wish request. They have been taking these wishes in since the 19th December and will continue to do so until the 27th.

Once all wishes are in, PokerStars Women will be selecting two winners who will have their particular wishes granted.

If you have not yet got your wish in you better act quickly as you only four days left to do so. To enter all you need to do is go to either the PokerStars Women Facebook page or to their twitter to put your wish request in. Just remember to include the PokerStars user ID that you use and a hashtag saying #PSWishes.

They will select a winner depending on just how realistic it is for PokerStars to purchase the wish which must be for a value under $300. They will only accept one wish per person too so don’t get greedy and spam them with multiple requests.

Who knows, if your wish is good enough you could be walking away with an exclusive gift from the world’s number one poker site. We will let you know who the winner is once it has been revealed on the 27th, until then enjoy your Christmas.