PokerStars Women Q&A (Part 2)

Q & A

PokerStars recently started a column on their blog dedicated to women that play poker and the various issues they face both on and off the table. Several members of PokerStars Women Team Pro have already started answering questions and now once again they have given their time to answer questions from poker playing women . For the second instalment of this series, one reader, Rebecca Fuad, asked for advice on how to mix love and playing poker. The answers showed that the two are not mutually exclusive and that having a balance between the two is a key element to success.

Celina Lin commented on the problems that a female poker player faces if she plans to follow the tournament trail on a regular basis. While going from event to event, Lin uses the Internet to keep in contact with her family and friends. For the budding poker pro, choosing tournaments and events that are closer to home is also a way to reduce the time spent away from her partner. At the same time, Lin stated that having a partner that understands her dedication to the game while playing is extremely important, a concept echoed by several other female players that issued a response.

Both Vivian Im and Natalie Hof said that it helps to have a boyfriend or husband that is also a poker player. For the latter of the two, the relationship with her boyfriend does not revolve around talking shop at home. While they do grind the regular Sunday tournaments and some live events together, the pair do more than just sit around and discuss poker strategy all day. Instead, they have a normal relationship, pursue other hobbies, and avoid making the game the central point in their relationship. Fatima Moreira de Melo was fortunate in that she started playing poker at the same time as her partner, so they were able to have similar experiences as their relationship developed.

A similar sentiment came from Leo Margets, one of the game’s top female players. Margets talked about how demanding and stressful poker can be and the need for time away from the game. Her solution is to schedule days where she is not playing poker and is able to spend more time with her family, friends, and partner. In this manner, her life is more balanced and she is more focused on poker when she does sit down to play. Balancing poker and love is not a difficult juggling act and the many female players in successful relationships shows that it is quite possible.

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