PokerStars Women’s Sunday – “Liza_Plus_EV” The Victor

With the live poker scene being alive with events for what seems like months, the online poker community has had to wait until yesterday for their chance at winning some big tournaments. The usual Sunday schedule at PokerStars was brimming with these players all eager to get involved in an attempt to secure themselves some a big score for the beginning of the month.

The PokerStars Women’s Sunday, was one of those events found amongst the usual Sunday schedule at the site, with it bringing in 248 eager women who were happy to part with their $55 buy-in to have a chance at winning a share of the guarantee breaking prize pool of $12,400.

Only The One Team Pro!

Of course, with so much action going on around the world with regards to tournaments lately and the small matter of the PokerStars EPT Deauville being played right now in France, it was no wonder that many of the PokerStars Team Pros were in attendance for this event.

In fact there was just one, with her name being Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome, who actually went on to be the moderator on the final table of the Sunday Million a little later on. Being a PokerStars Team Online member, her job was even harder in this event as she had a bounty of $50 placed on her head meaning that anyone who eliminated her would be credited with the bounty.

We do not know who got that bounty but we do know that “talonchick” didn’t last past an hour in the event.

The Final Table!

MrNiIsson – 176,324

Susiesue182 – 36,666

Liza_plus_EV – 99,863

naoomka – 143,219

88maca88 – 54,542

$Gaskonec$85 – 58,400

donleg – 89,279

hotjenny314 – 33,209

mikaela00 – 52,498

The final table was reached within about four hours of the start of this event, with the chip leader at that time being “MrNiIsson” with 176,324 chips underneath her. Despite that lead, it wasn’t to be her day as “Liza_plus_EV” went on an impressive run to see her hold nearly 500k chips by the time the field was down to the final four.

In fact by the time she eliminated “donleg” in third place she had nearly three times the amount of chips of “Susiesue182” when the heads up encounter started.

Despite doubling up her opponent once “Liza_plus_EV” finally disposed of “Susiesue182” when she called her opponents all-in shove and flipped over the Ac-9h which was up against the Ks-Jh. The board came out as the 3d-4h-5s-4c-8c and the title and $2,535.80 first place payout was hers.

How It Finished!

Liza_plus_EV – $2,535.80

Susiesue182 – $1,860.00

donleg – $1,401.20

MrNiIsson – $1,054.00

naoomka – $719.20

88maca88 – $558.00

mikaela00 – $434.00

hotjenny314 – $310.00

$Gaskonec$85 – $235.60